Giant Fish are a species of fish that are almost extinct. Most of the ones that remain of them, live in the waters surrounding the Monster Army's Base.

Giant Fish
Tools Huge Jaws
Status Alive
Location Monster Army's Base
Pronunciation N/A

The fish are basically huge, gigantic actually. They are very aggressive and attack everything that falls into their waters.

One Giant Fish attacked the Holy Toa when they arrived through the Monster Barrier. It first attacked when Lah fell into the water but then the whole ship. It was about to crush it but Newhu discovered his mask power and the fish fell into water again. It later tried to attack again, but failed.

The Rising killed many Giant Fish around the planet, but it is presumed that some still live. However, they're in big trouble as Teridax is walking the planet surface in Mata Nui's body.

Abilities and Traits

The Giant Fish are so big that nothing threatens them... they threaten everything. They are close relatives to the Dweller in the Deep. The only thing making them their own species is a few details in their fins.


  • The Giant Fish were one of the first Rahi created.
  • There was a Giant Fish in the Archives once, but it got away, no one knows how.
  • There have been rumors that a Giant Fish lives and swims alone near the Unknown Valley. If there really is one, it's safe from Teridax.
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