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Glatorian Promo Art
Power(s) None
Location(s) Bara Magna (Formerly), Spherus Magna
Status Active
Pronunciation Gla-TOAR-ee-un

The Glatorian are a species of warriors and philosophers native to Spherus Magna.


Early History

While the origin of the Glatorian species remains ambiguous, it is known that the species traces its earliest beginnings back many millennia ago in the history of Spherus Magna, co-existing alongside their diminutive counterparts, the Agori. In the earliest stages of their civilization, the Glatorian were known to have constructed large fortified settlements, some of the first and longest-lasting structures to be present on the planet. During this period, the six different elemental tribes were founded, taking up residency in the various districts of the island. Rudimentary helmets and armor were also carved and worn by the citizenry. During this period, the Glatorian and Agori formed a sophisticated ritual calendar reflected the rhythms of the agricultural year. Writing is assumed to have originated in this period, and the introduction of coinage can be traced back to this point.

During this period, an elemental tribe system was known to have developed among the Glatorian and Agori species. Soon, eight major tribes emerged, each named after the terrain and climate of their home cities: the Fire Tribe, Water Tribe, Jungle Tribe, Ice Tribe, Iron Tribe, Rock Tribe, Earth Tribe, and Sand Tribe. Migrating north into a more mountainous region, the Rock Tribe Glatorian were known to have adapted to more rugged terrain, creating the Skrall, a genetic offshoot of the Glatorian race. This species isolated itself from the Glatorian, and created their own, frugal society in the Black Spike Mountains.

With Glatorian civilization markedly tribal in nature at this point, a fateful confrontation with a being known as Anonna influenced the sudden maturity of the species, notably spawned a number of scientists and philosophers who came to be recognized as the Great Beings. This elite group of Glatorian rose to a position of prominence, crafting the first masks and introducing the earliest platforms of organized industry, thus allowed the Glatorian and Agori to thrive at a fundamentally developmental stage in their history. Forging an imperial dynasty of cooperation and progressive goodwill, the Great Beings laid much of the groundwork for the development of a global infrastructure.

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Known Glatorian



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