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"All things have themselves and an opposite, one for every Toa and Makuta."
Legendary Mask of Endless Power
Title Kanohi Golioth
Powers Endless Power
Component disks The great disks of Voya Nui
Pronunciation gool-eey-aath

Golioth is the Kanohi mask of endless power. It is a rare Kanohi which gives the user the ability to do anything. Only one Golioth is known to exist being made from the 3 Great Disks of Voya Nui.


"While the Ignika grants power and peace the Golioth grants shadow and corruption bending the very fabric of a being to its will."

During the Conquest of Voya Nui the mask was forged out of the Three Great disks of Voya Nui. The Great Beings were unhappy with the creation of a mask that could be used for evil so they hid the mask in Metru Nui. When The Mata Nui robot was broken, The Dark Lord looted the robot taking the mask as part of his loot.

War For Spherus Magna



Example Usage

The mask of Endless Power has never been used. If it was used it is possible it would kill the wearer after it was used.


  • The mask is distantly related to the Ignika, Kraahkan, and Vahi, all being formed from great disks.
  • The mask appears in the Knights Kingdom II set 8706 Karzon. But the Ciaranhappy! variant is the Ruru flipped over.
  • This is based on the Dark Spark (credit to Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark and Hasbro)