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Gorast was the Makuta of the Tren Krom Peninsula, and a current member of the Order of the Great Creators.


Approximately 100,000 years ago, Gorast was brought into being by the Great Spirit Mata Nui using the substance known as Antidermis on an island in one the southern chains of the Matoran Universe. Like all other Makuta, she was created to be a member of the Brotherhood of Makuta, an organization tasked with maintaining order in the universe and serving the will of Mata Nui. Gorast created numerous breeds of Rahi beast to populate the Matoran Universe.

Karda Nui

Gorast and several other Makuta were assigned to invade Karda Nui's swamp in order to control the Great Spirit Mata Nui's situation. Gorast and her allies took the form of fearsome swamp insects to match the environment. Upon entering the swamp, however, they were mutated by the mutagen in its waters and locked in the forms they had at the time, as well as resulting in the loss of many of their powers. Gorast also developed a stinger on the front of her face that gave her the ability to drain Light.

Later, caught in another fight with the Toa Nuva, the storm began to start. Krika, trying to help his fellow Makuta get out, flew down to the battle and commanded them to stop fighting. Claiming that Teridax had betrayed them all, Gorast's mind began slipping and she grabbed him, using her powers to disrupt his intangibility. Krika became so intangible his matter had completely dissipated and Gorast carried on fighting the Toa, who were, however, shortly after picked up by the three vehicles. After Mutran was killed by the storm, Gorast realized something was wrong. She, along with Bitil and Antroz, was penned into one small area from the size of the storm, and then she truly cracked, murmuring that Krika had been right, they would all die, and other gibberish.

Post-Karda Nui

After the storm, Gorast's spirit was summoned by Veuy in the Spiritual World. At some point Veuy opened an exit of that world to allow her to live again. Veuy revealed that he saved her from the Energy Storms and "persuaded" her to see things from his point of view, and she became a member of the Order of the Great Creators.

On Bara Magna, she participated on the invasion of Roxtus and succeeded in wiping out the Skrall species.

Shortly after the invasion, the Alpha Beings journeyed with the Agori and Glatorian inside Rocius-Nui and discovered an island.

Vavakx and his team eventually journeyed underneath the island. Upon journeying through the tunnel, the team was ambushed by Nutrex, but Vavakx managed to kill him. After a brief chat, they journeyed further into the tunnel and came upon a room filled with machinery. Hantrek divulged her presence to them and explained the nature of Rocius-Nui and that the machinery was within his mind. She then tried to devour Zardak and Hades, but was stopped.

The team tried to obliterate Hantrek, but she regenerated her parts. Vavakx was ambushed by her, and he realized that she couldn't be defeated.

Vavakx sacrificed some Elemental Energy of Space to Veuy. Then, Veuy reached the former location of the Rocius-Nui's spirit and took over its body. Veuy finally claimed dominance over the entire Rocius-Nui Universe. He quickly exercised his newfound powers by assisting his brothers in defeating Hantrek.

After Veuy's victory against Teridax, Gorast returned to the Matoran Universe.

Second Revival

Shortly thereafter, Gorast's body was found by Toa Demorik, and was brought back to life by him using a special underground temple. She then joined Demorik's Comics in Vulcanus.

A Rude Awakening

Gorast was then revived on Spherus Magna. When she awoke, she noticed Chirox sitting next to her. She and Chirox eventually ran into Bitil and Vamprah, and Krika found them. After telling them how they were alive, Krika also suggested that they kill the Toa Nuva as revenge.

Abilities and Traits

Gorast has control over the Element of Shadow and the ability to produce Kraata. Because of her mutation, Gorast developed a stinger on her face which could suck Light from other beings.

Gorast still has some small amount of shadow in herself; however, after she made the decision to join the Order of the Great Creators, she forced her darkness out. How she did this is not known. As such, she's not completely a "good" Makuta, but she now works for the light.

Gorast was a fanatical believer in Teridax's Plan, having found death in the name of it to be a passion. Gorast considered herself to be a Makuta of vision, just like Teridax.

Mask and Tools

Gorast wears the Kanohi Felnas, the Mask of Disruption. In addition to sharp claws and wing blades, she also carries a Nynrah Ghost Blaster.


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