Goxxer is a Po-matoran of Karzahni.Before being fitted with a kanohi Rode (by Karzahni) he wore a brown Pakari.


Nothing is known about him before he was sent to Karzahni.He was a member of a rebel team that included Gakarl.The rebel team was in the process of creating the sky speeder, when a matoran member of the rebel team betrayed them and told Karzahni about it.Karzahni immediatly attacked the rebel team. Goxxer hid in the trunk of the the sky-speeder. When he just finished closing the trunk,he felt it jerk foward.


When he felt land he peeked out of the trunk.He saw he was not in Karzahni anymore and leaped out.He looked around and realized he was on Xia.He then stowed away on a ship.Goxxer then found a weapon.On the sword it read "Laser Sword,product of Xia".Goxxor wondered where the ship was going.Goxxer was deep in thought when he heard footsteps.If a Vortixx saw him he or she would kill him.Goxxer then hid in a barrel.Two female Vortixx walked past the barrel in deep conversation.He listened to them and heard one of them say they were headed to Odina to deliver weapons.Goxxer then noticed a boat that one Vortixx could fit in.He waited till both Vortixx were out of sight.Goxxer climbed out of the barrel and cut the boat loose.He pushed it with all his might into the water.He immediatly jumped into the boat.Goxxer then realized there wasn't a paddle!He then saw about 20 ships full of Toa!He then fired a laserbeam into the air above him and signaled a Toa ship.1 Toa ship sailed to Goxxer while the others intercepted the Vortixx's ship.A toa of fire pulled Goxxer onto the toa's ship and told him his name was Lhikan.Goxxer introduced himself,and they sailed toward Metru-Nui.


Goxxer thanked Toa Lhikan and left for Po-metru.He was made fun of since Karzahni "fixed" him, and he wasn't hired by anyone.One day he was walking down a street when he saw Onewa running from Vahki.He looked into his backpack and lifted his Laser Sword out.He rememberd Turaga Dume had said if he ever used it on anyone, he would be arrested or worse.He fired it at the Vahki and they melted.Onewa thanked him and offered him a job of carving statues.Goxxer excepted,and the two left the seen.

Kanohi Dragon

On the night of the Kanohi Dragon,Goxxer was taking a walk across metrus when the Kanohi dragon went on a rampage.Goxxor was stepped on and died instantly.

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