"You're using pieces of metal against me?"
Grenda to Grandeg [src]
Grandeg's Robots
Headquarters/Base Comic Land
Leader(s) Grandeg, Firehead (Formerly)
Status Turned good and used by Matoran from the Four Great Lands
Current Goals Guard Matoran locations, build, etc.

Grandeg's robots using their unlimited laser ammo

Grandeg's Robots are robots, designed and built by Grandeg. Grandeg started the designing when he was good, but when he was turned evil, he built them, naming the robots after him. The robots were designed to have limitless amount of laser ammo, which they used in Quest for the Four Great Lands. But there was also a container in the robots, and you could put anything there, and the robots would shoot it. For excample, if the container was filled with water, the robot would shoot either water or laser bolts. Laser ammo is unlimited, as said above.

In the Quest for the Four Great Lands, Firehead made a great amount of Grandeg's Robots obey him. He filled the containers with teleportation ammo, the same one used in Ziggo's Teleporting Gun. The robots then teleported the Matoran from the Four Great Lands to Firehead. Only one army was still obeying Grandeg, who used the army to protect the Temple of Gruissiono. Thousands of Grandeg's Robots were destroyed during the quest, but some remained. The remaining ones were shut down when Grandeg turned good again and escaped.

The robots have been made to obey Gruissiono's Matoran and they're helping to rebuild the island city. After that they will work as policemen there. Also, more Grandeg's Robots are being built, for the use of good guys. Gruissiono will also sell some robots to foreign lands.


  • When a robot is filled with a different ammunition, the blasts will be coloured differently. The teleportatin ammo was yellow. The color of the ammo seems to affect the robots eyecolour too.
  • During the Great Migration many robots were brought to the Kowa Mountains.
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