The Alternate Universe
Primary Residents Everyone in the main Bionicle Universe.
Location The farthest Galaxy away from the Milky Way.
Ruler Order of Makuta; Brotherhood of Mata Nui

The Alternate Universe was accidentally created when the Main Bionicle universe was formed. Somehow the Great Spirits "messed up" badly because they accidentally created it's opposite twin! So here Mata Nui has put Makuta to sleep, and legends told of many rahi to come save the Turaga and their elders the Matoran from the evil Toa.

I think you can figure out the rest.


Barraki are good and Toa Mahri are evil.

Mata Nui created the Toa to destroy Makuta's good Rahkshi.

The Turaga Takanuva took the Mask of Darkness and turned into Takua.

The great Spirits created Kanhoi Kraakhan, and hid it under Mount Umbra, in case Makuta was damaged. Valmai was sent ot protect it.

and so on.

Meet the creator of this Universe.


Crazy-Lihkan38 Productions (V)

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