Great Swamp

The Great Swamp is like this only in a few parts of it

Primary Residents Rahi
Location Bio-Land, south
Status Almost completely destroyed
Locations Swamp City

The Great Swamp was a huge swamp in southern Bio-Land. It was almost impossible to live there, partially because of the insects and partially because of the awful smell. However, the Swamp City was built there and protected with walls.

The Great Swamp used to be a home for several insect, water and jungle Rahi. It wasn't only dangerous because of them, however, but also because the earth could swallow a careless traveler anytime.


The Great Swamp was formed when Bio-Land broke off Mabauto. Over time, a swamp formed to the southern part of Bio-Land. Soon the Swamp City was built there too.

During The Rising, Bio-Land was badly damaged. The Great Swamp was almost completely washed into the ocean along with the Swamp City. Only a small area of the swamp still remains and few Rahi have survived there.