"Being evil doesn't mean that it is right to betray or lie to a friend. Evil beings don't have to be cruel and insane. Evil beings can be just like the good beings... just on the other side."
―Grelt [src]
Kuvat 179
ColorsDifferent Blue colours
ToolsHarpoon, Zamor Launcher
LocationKowa Mountains
StatusAlive, hiding

Grelt is a mysterious, cunning being, who can live on land, and in water. He is also powerful, powerful enough to defeat a few Skakdi on his own.


Grelt is very mysterious. He is propably a cross between an amphibian and something else. Grelt has both lugns and gills, as he can breath on land and underwater. He has a long neck, with a Rahkshi head. He has huge feet, which are good when walking on the ocean bottom, but bad on ground. He also have strong wings, which able him to swim fast underwater and fly in air for quite long periods. Grelts hands are normal sized, and they are really concentrated.

History and Life

Not much is known of Grelts past. There was a long period where Grelt was hiding in the waters surrounding Bio-Land. Grelt has also been in the Pit but hasn'e been affected by the mutagen. He, however, isn't immune to it, so how he survived it, is unknown. At some point, he battled Zaktan during the Piraka Attack, but Zaktan won thanks to his protodite abilities.

Grelt plotted something in his home beneath the waves near the Tohunga Village until The Rising which truly shocked him. He was also surprised to see the Tohunga leave their village few weeks after during the Great Migration. Grelt desided to follow secretly and arrived at the Kowa Mountains.

Grelt is currently safe, hiding in the Kowa Mountains in an underwater cavern of the mountains.

Abilities and Traits

Grelt propably has more abilities than anyone has seen, that are unknown. Grelt can breath on land and in water. He has powerful feet that have excellent balance. Grelt has been known to survive being crushed between two huge rocks, too.

Grelt never underestimates his enemy. He also thinks that all the bad guys in the Bionicle Universe should make an ultimate alliance to defeat all good. He dislikes the ways of the other evil guys, and thinks that only he is right.


Grelt has a powerful harpoon. Underwater, it fires deadly blasts of air and some lethal chemicals mixed together. On land, it fires powerful laser blasts.

Grelt also has a Zamor Launcher. The Zamors he regularly carries, have the power to trap anything they hit into a bubble. The bubble is impossible to pop, it pops itself after 10 minutes.

Grelt also has a pair of strong and endurant wings, which help him swim at fast speeds underwater and fly in the air. The wings are important to Grelt, for his feet are so heavy that the wings are necessary to fasten him underwater and fly faster in air.


  • Grelt can be built using pieces of Toa Metru Nokama, Nokama Hordika, Rahkshi Guurahk, Bohrok Gahlok, Toa Inika Hahli and... wait! That was it!

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