"The hugest and most versatile planet ever to be created... all of it destroyed by a sinlge being."
―Unknown being from Grezza
Primary Residents Matoran, Rahi
Position Somewhere in the universe...
Status Destroyed, only a few places still intact
Locations Land of Fire and Ice, Tapaio, Cafeteria, Ainalaih, Drublan

Grezza is a massive planet, which Mata Nui created with only one intention: Make the biggest and most beautiful planet of all time. And he succeeded in making a huge planet with so much versatility, life, all kinds of species and Rahi... it was a perfect paradise.

The planet had lots of big continents with lots of cities, villages and wilderness. It actually pretty much was like Earth.


Mata Nui created Grezza after getting fed up with the project he had with the BIONICLE Planet. He succeeded in making Grezza big and he created all kinds of species there, most of them also excist in the Matoran Universe.

Millions of years after the creation, an odd being called Elihrok came into being and started to seek a powerful mask of power. What mask he searched, is unknown. Many Toa teams battled Elihrok so he would not succeed but Elihrok won always and finally got the mask. He started loading himself with power from it, causing a massive earthquake all over the planet with catastrophic consequenses.

Eventually, Elihrok lost control over the mask and all of it's and Elihrok's power flew out, causing the Catastrophe of Grezza. All of Grezza was destroyed and the catastrophe lasted for several weeks. Only Land of Fire and Ice, Tapaio, Cafeteria and Ainalaih survived, and from the other side of the planet, Drublan survived. A group of Matoran survived and some other species survived too, in deep caves. Only a few Sea Rahi got killed.

When the Matoran and others got out of their caves, they started new lives on the newly formed, small islands. Drublan doesn't know that other Matoran or creatures have survived and thinks that Drublan is the only island on the whole planet. Land of Fire and Ice, Tapaio, Cafeteria and Ainalaih which are on the other opposite place of the whole planet, know of each other's excistence and transport themselves and goods between the lands often, but don't know about Drublan.

Later Land of Fire and Ice, Tapaio and the Cafeteria all got mysteriously destroyed, reason unknown, and the inhabitants of those lands have all moved to Ainalah, where they now live a quite happy life.

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