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Group Jungle Tribe
Status Deceased
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation GRIK

Gryk (formally stylized as His Excellency, Senator Gryk of Tesara of Spherus Magna) was one of Tesara's oldest Agori, and a member of the Spherus Magna Council.


In Spherus Magna, Gryk was a merchant of Rock Steeds. When the Shattering occurred, Gryk's business was present in the region of the planet called Bara Magna that became an independent planet of the same name. He sought refuge and left his post.

With his business destroyed, he soon moved to the village of Tesara. Many residents had fled while others remained in the ruins of their homes. Gryk helped organize the reconstruction efforts, and suggested that the surrounding vegetation could be used to supply food. In addition, he was the one who discovered the explosive properties of the Thornax fruits.

When Certavus proposed a combat system to resolve conflicts between tribes, Gryk stated his support for the idea. This, along with his other services for his people, led to his election as leader of Tesara when the previous leader died. At some point after this, Gryk became a member of the Council of Elders led by Raanu, a government body made up of leaders of the other tribes.

After Glatorian Feggus retired from the Glatorian's profession, Gryk traveled throughout Bara Magna to find a new Glatorian to fought in the arena for his tribe. Eventually, he found and chose Gresh for the post of secondary Glatorian.

When the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe migrated to the reformed Spherus Magna, Gryk was selected to be part of the Spherus Magna Council to represent Tesara.

The Invasion

When the Chorak invaded Spherus Magna, Gryk tried to follow the others towards the shelter, but got lost in the forest. Soon a rescue group consisting of the Dark Hunter Frustrator and Deriahk located Gryk and escorted him to a refuge. In the refugeGryk revealed his knowledge about the Chorak and a possible salvation for Spherus Magna: the Mask of Wishes.

One day Vavakx retired from the refuge to hunt down Hantrek, a powerful enemy who had been released from her prison a few days ago, while Vilrohk and Deriahk went looking for clues about the destined user of the Gebuk. With the shelter defenseless, the Chorak attacked and during the battle Gryk was badly wounded. Gryk insisted that other refugees leave him to save themselves and then the refuge's security system activated, causing an explosion and destroying the entire area, killing him.

After the war ended, a statue of Gryk was built in the central square of Metru Magna, in honor of his sacrifice.

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