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Group Jungle Tribe
Powers None
Tools Sword, Thornax Launcher
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation GRIK

Gryk is the Agori leader and elder of Tesara.


Over 100,000 years ago, Gryk was taking care of a Rock Steed business near Tesara when the Shattering ocurred, cutting him off from his home and killing all his Rock Steeds (one of them was later transformed to Vavakx). He eventually joined the Jungle Tribe.

Gryk is an Agori of the Jungle Tribe. After Feggus retired of the Glatorian profession, he travelled all over Bara Magna in order to find a Glatorian who will fight in the arena for his tribe, because now Feggus is too old. His main job is traveling to promote Glatorian matches and recruit new fighters. He also dreamed one day to fight beside a strong Glatorian for his village.

He was later attacked by Hantrek but she was defeated by Vavakx. When Vavakx learned about his past he began to attack Gryk. Tahkod saved him from the attack and teleported both him and Deriahk from the arena.

Gryk was taken for interrogation by the Order of the Great Creators on the New Takiw-Nui. He accepted to join them and returned to Bara Magna together with Deriahk and the others.

When Feggus died, he assumed the leadership of the Jungle Tribe. Then, Gryk participated on the invasion of Roxtus and succeeded in wiping out the Skrall species.

Gryk participated on the invasion of Roxtus and succeeded in wiping out the Skrall species. He later migrated to Rocius-Nui until Spherus Magna was reformed.

The Invasion

When the Chorak invaded Spherus Magna, Vavakx grouped Deriahk, Frustrator, Brutaka and Peduik to rescue Gryk (Because he assumed that gryk wounld know something about the invades as and Agori elder). The four were separated into two groups, with Frustrator and Deriahk going into the forest. There, they managed to locate Gryk and Tarduk, and escorted them to the shelter to save them from the Chorak.

Abilities and Traits

Gryk likes to fight in the arena to stay sharp with his fighting skills. He is also a vehicle pilot in the arena.


Gryk carried an axe and a shield, both were taken by the Order of the Great Creators when they detained him. While on his mission to find Vavakx, Gryk was granted a vehicle.


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