Gyvux is a rebuilt Onu-Matoran that owns the Tehktra Nui's Mines.

Group Miners
Occupation Miner, Mask Maker
Element Earth
Kanohi Kadin
Tools Claws
Status Alive
Location Jadax Magna
Pronunciation GUY-VUCKS


Early Life

Gyvux was a miner, who through years of hard work, worked his way up to the position of owner. He was rebuilt as an additional perk of the high position. Though he took on the role as leader, he would always be seen mining along with his associates, a reflection of his good spirit and work ethic. Due to fact that the Ta-Matoran were considered 'outsiders' to the Tehktra Nuians, Gyvux became a part-time Mask Maker, beside his mining duties.

One day, while he was working in the mines, a Le-Matoran, Myto, ordered him him to forge an Olmak. After seeking KMES approval, the next day he sent the product.

Another World

After Tehktra nui landed on Jadax Magna, Gyvux and some Po-, Onu- and Fe-Matoran were trapped under the rubble. Gyvux, using his strong-willed personality, stirred up enough vigor in his fellow brothers for them to tunnel their way to freedom. Eventually, Gyvux and the others arrived to the surface. Once there they came upon the realisation, they were no longer on Aqua Magna, and also began to notice the signs of rapid aging. In order to find help, the miners, led by Gyvux, began making their way to where the city of Tehktra Nui once stood, to seek medical attention from the Ko-Matoran.

Toa gyvux

Gyvux as he appeared in All Stars

Abilities, Tools, & Traits


Gyvux is extremely hard-working, and has a strong sense of humor to match. His attitude towards fellow workers, and his generally personality, has left him greatly liked by all.

Like all Onu-Matoran, Gyvux can see better in the dark than other Matoran types, and thanks to his rebuilding, is slightly physically stronger.

Mask and Tools

Gyvux bore a Toa form of the Kanohi Kadin, and found it amusing to do so, as a miner would never need such a Mask. After his rebuilding, he received a pair of removable, fist clad Claws sets, which assisted him with digging.


  • This character was created by Ids5621, but Abc8920 created the page.
  • He was originally planned to have a large role in Matoran Adventures, hence him being present on the banner, but in the end, only made a small appearance
  • He appeared in the YouTube series, All Stars, as a Toa of Earth. He still retains his friendly disposition.


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