Toa Form
Group Toa Kynika
Element Plantlife/Shadow
Tools Morbuzahk Summoner
Status Alive
Location Myhore
Pronunciation hah-dih-SEE

Haddisi was a Matoran of Tegen Nui that witnessed the creation of the anti-shadow barrier, created by the Toa Tegen.

He later became a Toa Akyna along with Ahsia, Atast, Taatoh, Kamahn, Dekea, Kadyx, and Nadhoku.

When Makuta Venetraze broke through the barrier, he drained most of Haddisi's light, as well as the other Toa Akynas'. But Kadyx was able to stun the shadow leeches before the drained any more light. Taatoh, however, was kidnapped and taken to Gahru Nui where had his light completely drained by Makuta Cortrivu.


Haddisi in comic form.

The now Toa Kynika chose to go to Stelt to find a Klakk. They convinced Turaga Kier to let them buy a boat from the Matoran. Haddisi helped pay for the boat by capturing an Ussal crab. The Toa purchased the ship, and set sail the next day, only to find that Kyrka had stowed away on their ship. A storm came up and Kyrka was blown into the sea, and was presumed drowned. The Toa Kynika where shipwrecked on Myhore, but Kamahn wasn't found.

When Dekea learned that a passenger boat was going to dock at Myhore that day, they went to go find it and they left Haddisi to watch over Kadyx. Just minutes after the other Toa left, Haddisi saw a disturbance in the water and he readied his Morbuzahk staff. A black figure came up the shore, and Haddisi was scared. But the it talked to him and he realized that it was Kamahn, who didn't realize that he had been transformed by something that will be revealed later.

TKA Comics

Haddisi appeared in the TKA Comic Introduction and Comic 2.

Kier Haddisi

Haddisi talking to Turaga Kier.


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