Harka Nui
Primary ResidentsVarious Rahi
Former ResidentsMatoran
LocationSilver Sea
Size50 Kilometers Long
PronunciationHar-KAH New-ee

Harka Nui was an island in the silver sea.


Harka Nui was a tropical island about 50 kilometers away from Metru Nui. 500 years before the Great Cataclysm, two Matoran named Eika and Ryusho were transformed into Toa. 300 years later, the Visorak invaded and the Matoran escaped the island. There has been no sign of them since then, but rumors say that the Matoran have built a floating city somewhere in the sea.


Harka Nui provided protosteel to Metru Nui and Nynrah. The Matoran of Harka Nui used the widget as their currency.

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