"Dark Hunters. I think I remember what they are: idiots."
—Harong, on one of his missions
Species Urusik
Group Order of Mata Nui
Kanohi Tryna
Colors Blue, Silver
Element None
Occupation Member of the Order of Mata Nui
Tools Energy Spear, Cordak Blaster
Assigned Position Leader of NMM (New Member Missions)
Abilities Create energy blasts
Pronunciation Hah-rong

Harong is a member of the Order of Mata Nui and a Leader of NMM (New Member Missions).


Harong originally lived on Nynrah. He rose through the government until he was an important adviser of one of the regions. He lived happily, until a rebellion came and he sided against it. The rebellion won and controlled the place, and Harong was sent away in exile. He was recruited by the Order to be part of a mission to steal a powerful artifact from the Brotherhood of Makuta. He did great on the mission, and the Order decided to make him a member. He showed interest in being a Leader of the kind of missions he was recruited in, and the Order said yes. Missions he has been on include one where they infiltrated Odina and placed spies on the island, and one where they came to Zakaz and tried to calm down one of the groups. He has been placed in charge of one where he must locate Artakha in case the Brotherhood's plan wins; the Order is thinking about using Artakha as a refuge for Matoran. Harong has not yet decided who to recruit.


Harong is serious to people whom he doesn't know well, but with his friends in the Order, he makes jokes about Makutas and Dark Hunters. On the outside, he is fearless and strong; on the inside, he doubts himself and is always trying to improve. He considers himself a friend to any Toa, Matoran, Turaga, or anyone who is a friend to them. Harong is passionate about the Order's cause, and thinks that he's found what he's good at: Leader of NMMs.

Tools and Powers

Harong wears the Kanohi Tryna, the Mask of Regeneration, allowing him to bring the dead back to life. He doesn't find the power useful, but knows that Mata Nui gave him the mask for a reason. He has yet to find out the reason.

Energy races through his body, like all of his species. He, like the rest of the Urusik, is able to channel the energy through a tool he acquired on Nynrah, the Energy Spear. The Energy Spear can channel minuscule amounts of energy to huge Nova Blasts.

He also has a Cordak Blaster, which he got on Nynrah.


"Dark Hunters. I think I remember what they are: idiots."
—Harong, on one of his missions
"Rebellions are NOT a pastime for bored people."
"You really don't want to be like me. If YOU had energy flowing through YOUR body, you'd be dead."


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