After Hakkan used a zamor on Brutaka, stole his energy, and used it to blast his team into the pit, he blasted the Inika as well, destroying Hewiki and Jaller. He took their heads and reanimated them for info and ran off in search of the mask of life. On his way, Jaller tricked him into going the wrong way. Hakkan ended up encountering a mad turaga who told him of The Artifacts. He then started to search for them, destroying all in his path. He eventually encountered Sintaro in a village on The Southern Continent. He took him along as an "ally" while Hewiki and Jaller informed him. Eventually hakkan was defeated by Sintaro, which set Hewiki and Jaller free. Hewiki reformed where he was destroyed, but Jallers body wasn't even there. Hewiki went down to Mahri Nui only to find a wasteland and a dieing matoran. He learned of a Barraki attack a while back and was given Mahri armor. He then came across a huge block of ice which he destroyed find Matoro and Nuparu inside. He informed them of The Artifacts but Nuparu denied a quest and left. Tricked by Matoro, Hewiki searched for The Artifacts. They came across a mountain with a protodermis filled cave. They blew it open releasing Carapar, Mantax and Sintaro. After fighting Sintaro and losing, he and Matoro fled. Matoro absorbed Hewiki while they hid in a cave and Hewiki's spirit flew off, unbeknownst to any. He went to Mahri Nui, where his old armor and weapons lay. He used them to form a new body then returned to Matoro and Sintaro and joined them along with Nuparu to form The Toa Matoran. then two new toa who were cousins appeared, Gaweki and Koweki. they joined the team and now fight evil along side them.

Tools and Weapons

Inika set

Mask and Powers

Inika set


  • Body is exactly Inika form, 100%
  • Only Inika in story still known to be alive in that form.
  • He is the only member of the team not to be sealed in something.
  • He is actually a distant cousin of Gaweki and Koweki, but no one knows, not even them.

Daniel.c.c. 03:39, 5 April 2008 (UTC)

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