Higged isle
Higged Isle
Primary ResidentsRahi
Former ResidentsMatoran
LocationNear Gatris Nui
PronunciationHig-duh Eye-ul

Higged Isle was a tiny island off the coast of Gatris Nui. The island once served an important purpose in creating a bridge (called the Higgens Bridge) between Nui Voya Nui and Gatris Nui, but once Voya Nui crashed back into Nui (spirit) Mata Nui's body, the bridge was ripped in halves. Higged Isle served as a pit stop between the two islands, but once the bridge was destroyed, the island became a vacation spot. However, during the invasion of Gatris Nui, (species) Makuta occupied the island and turned it into a large P.O.W. camp. After the Makuta left, learning that their leader had succeeded, Higged Isle was claimed by wild Rahi, and the matoran that used to live there evacuated.


  • There is a small mountain on the island; this is where the commander of the Gatrian Invasion Project worked during the invasion.
  • Surrounding the island were shallow waters, making it difficult to dock to the island.
  • Higged Isle was named after the bridge that was built over it, the Higgens Bridge.


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