"For Zuxan..."
Aino flying to the hill, Quest for the Four Great Lands
Hill of Gruissiono
Primary Residents N/A
Location Gruissiono
Status Intact

Hill of Gruissiono or Gruissiono Hill is a very mysterious hill that rose to the center of Gruissiono after the city was destroyed by Bruhodag.


After Gruissiono City was blown up, the hill mysteriously rose on the place of Gruissiono Control Building. On top of it, Temple of Gruissiono appeared. It was never touched by Bruhodag even though he could, because he was afraid of it's mysteriousness.

When Tapio and his friends came to put the last stone in it's temple in Quest for the Four Great Lands, it had already been taken by Grandeg's Robots. The freed Matoran of Gruissiono started to battle against them and finally won.

The hill was left intact, along with the temple. The Gruissiono Matoran began rebuilding their city, using the Hill as a center, as a root for it. However, The Rising interrupted the building. It didn't affect the hill, however, and the temple has also remained intact.


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