Hordika Nui

Colors : Depends on element
Habitat : Depends on element
Tools/Powers : Claws, teeth
Pronunciation : Horde-eek-uh noo-ee

Hordika Nui are massive, Kardas-like entities.


Hordika Nui come into existence after a Toa/Makuta Hordika have been a Hordika for longer than three thousand years. After this point, they evolve into Hordika Nui.


Hordika Nui are completely incurable Hordika, who have no traits of their former selves. They are always in a horrific rage, and possess the suicidal instincts of Rahi.


Hordika Nui can fire spheres of elemental energy from their claws. This is the only thing they retain from their old selves, their elements. They have razor sharp teeth and wing blades too.


The breeds of Hordika Nui are based on elements

Hordika Nui Ka

Are Hordika Nui whom used to be Toa/Makuta Nuva. All Makuta Nuva Hordika Nui share the name: Hordika Nui Kakri

Ka Breeds

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