"I was already known for ravaging towns that had banished me earlier – setting them ablaze, flooding them, crushing them with avalanches and earthquakes…"

— Horror talking to Zaktan.

SpeciesPygmy Tahtorak
GroupOrder of Mata Nui
KanohiKanohi Blaidd
OccupationBounty Hunter
ToolsFire and Ice Blades

Horror was a Pygmy Tahtorak native to the island of Malsia. With a reputation as a swine and a bounty hunter, Horror committed deeds that would usually be frowned upon in a civilized society in the name of profit.


Creation The Pygmy Tahtorak race was created by the Brotherhood of Makuta to serve a beasts of burden to beings who did not need the size of a normal Tahtorak. One Makuta, Cavalx, was caught in the virus mix and the creation was a sapient, half-Tahtorak-half Makuta biped. The experiment was designated "Horror" and no more Pygmy Tahtorak were created, the Makuta believing further experiments to be from foolhardy to suicidal.

Horror was always conflicted by the fact that he was technically a Rahi, and was shunned by society. To exort his anger he began to partake in acts of mindless violence. Eventually he realized destruction was not the answer and began spending more time with Rahi.

Best Friends Horror began to make regular hikes to one of the many deserts on the island of Malsia called the Airship Graveyard. In the Airship Graveyard a bizarre magnetic field generated in the desert claimed anything metal that happened to be flying over it. Sadly, this included many ships. When a ship was at the mercy of the field, all machinery was deactivated. Then the ship would fall to the sands. Most of the passengers died on impact. Those that survived were left to the native Rahi. Horror saw it as a place where he could spend time with the natural world, leave the burdens of sentience behind. The Rahi that used the crashed ships as home accepted him there.

The first Rahi he ever met was a lone Steed Crab called Pirian. Gradually, the two bonded while totally failing to tan their armor and Pirian willingly accepted the pivotal role of Horror's steed.

Beastmaster On one of Horror and Pirian's numeroud visits to the airship graveyard a few Rahi (an Inika spider, a Forloper, a Harpier, and a Flame Cobra) were attacked by a shambling magnetic whirlwind of parts called a Beetle. Horror saved them from it and the 6 Rahi became a ramshackle pack. The Beetle was also modified by Horror and used as a guard for later use.

When returning to the village that shunned him after so many years, the inhabitants nicknamed him a Beastmaster, for his affiliation with Rahi.

Jercovric The village's Turaga, Jercovric bade Horror to do a task for him, in return for acceptance. Horror was only too happy to accept. Jercovric hired him as an assassin and sent him to attack a wandering traveler. He agreed. He froze the traveler and gave Jercovric the block of ice in which he was kept.



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