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Turaga Hyrax
Group Turaga
Occupation In Charge of Sphera Nui
Element N/A
Powers Telepathy with the Great Beings, reading others minds, tricking other people
Kanohi N/A
Tools N/A
Status Alive
Location Sphera Nui
Pronunciation high-RAX

Hyrax is a Turaga, that unlike almost all of the Turaga, he was created by the Great Beings themselves.


He was a Matoran test sample, who due to a type mismatch, he turned a Turaga. The great beings first didn't like him, but then, after throwing him away from their lab, they thought of idea of a Turaga, the elders who guide the Matoran.

Because he was one of the Matoran Prototypes, he was elementless, but he wasn't powerless. He survived by creating an illusion for other wild Rahi, trapping them as food, helper, or pet. He also was keeping away the natural predators using a mind illusion of the predator's predator.

He was later found and brought back to the civilization by a group of Toa assigned to find the great beings.


Mainly he's powers are based around mind reading or editing, so in many cases he was considered a Turaga of Psionics. He was always at contact with atleast one great being. All of his other powers and abilities are unknown.


  • He is wiser than most of the Turaga.
  • He's mind powers are extremely powerful, which he could have mind communication in distances greater than 100 bio, with the exception of Great Beings, which he is able to have mind communications with them in distances greater than the size of the galaxy.
    • He is also able to read other's minds, allowing him to know the trickeries used by others.
    • He could change something in someone's mind without him noticing, with the exception of some of Matoran species, such as Psionics, or Fe-Agori, as some of them still carry the type II of dream plague with them, and he could catch the plague if he ever read their mind.