GroupRenegade Toa
KanohiUltimate Illusions
ElementBlack Fire
ToolsTwo Blades

You know, the last time someone told me to stop doing what I though would benefiet the universe most, I would up locked in a cabnet with a Muaka for a weak... After I killed him, well, you can imagine... But really, what I'm trying to say is that if you let others stop you, you pay, and they laugh.

- Icara to a Passenger on a doomed Vehical

Icara was a very powerful Toa of fire and the leader of the Renegade Toa Team. He lead undisputed, but many the the organization wanted to overthrow him.


Icara had the ability to create as much fire as he wanted, and make it as hot as he wanted. Using this, he could create mini-suns and hurl them at his foes. He rarly used his powers for anything other than distructive perposes. He also wore the mask of illusionary realities, which allowed him to trap a foe in his parralel universe (Under his control) for seven hours upon contact. His fire (For some unknown reason) was black.


He got along very well with his partner Gratuus, and also got along fairly well with Gura and Taren. He respected Zetus and Kriian simply because he feared they would defect the organization if he didn't. They, however, still disrespected him. He was generally quiet and was not afraid to cripple you for life if you got in his way. He avoided killing things as much as possible. His combat style involved staying still untill he could use his mask on a foe, and then he would torment them in his parallel universe until they had aquired amniesia and then just leave them there.

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