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GroupBrotherhood of Makuta
KanohiGreat Mask of Scavenging; later donned the Kraahkan
ColorsRed, black
OccupationMakuta of Karzahni
ToolsTridax Pod, Rotating Shadow Blades, Double-Bladed Sword, claws
LocationKarda Nui

Icarax was an arrogant and aggressive member of the Brotherhood of Makuta. He was originally assigned the area of Karzahni, and at one point, was leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta.


Early Life

Approximately 100,000 years ago, the Great Spirit Mata Nui created Icarax alongside ninety-nine other Makuta, who promptly became members of the Brotherhood of Makuta. Their main goal was to carry out the will of Mata Nui, maintain order in the universe, and create Rahi that will aid Matoran in their tasks.

A short time after the construction of the fortress on Destral was completed, Miserix sent Icarax and his assistant Pridak to Xia to negotiate lower prices for goods with the Vortixx. The Vortixx hastily agreed to the Brotherhood's demands after Icarax began to destroy their buildings.

Shortly after the League of Skix Kingdoms's formation,Icarax was present during one of its meetings.

Before the Metru Nui civil war, Miserix had assigned Icarax the duty of watching over the island of Karzahni.

When Teridax revealed his plot to overthrow Mata Nui years later, Icarax remained silent. However, he sided with Teridax, and with the help of Gorast, slew Makuta who were against Teridax. To warn the remaining Makuta of what would happen if they betrayed Teridax, Icarax and Gorast mounted the deceased Makuta's Kanohi masks in the Convocation Chamber.

Icarax, like the other Makuta, eventually evolved beyond the need of a physical body, turning into a form of Antidermis that needed to be encased in a suit of armor. Teridax quickly summoned the Nynrah Ghosts to Destral, and put them to work on new armor for the Makuta.

After the Great Cataclysm and the Metru Nui Matoran's immediate evacuation of the city, Icarax lost faith in Teridax's leadership. This made him make the decision of conquering the Matoran Universe using brute force. With this in mind, he composed a small army of Mana crabs and used them to attack the Northern Continent, and managed to conquer several villages as a result. Teridax soon learned of Icarax's rebellion, and confronted rebellious Makuta. In the ensuing duel, Icarax savagely attacked Teridax for several hours, but only managed to exhaust himself after a while of fighting. Teridax ultimately defeated Icarax by taking over control of the Manas, commanding them to attack Icarax, and used every power in his disposal to bring down the rebel. Teridax spared Icarax, however, as he had use for the rebellious Makuta and found amusement within Icarax's war-like personality.

Teridax telepathically contacted Icarax while the former was in Voya Nui. Teridax ordered the latter to find and retrieve the Kanohi Kraahkan from the Silver Sea. As soon as he retrieved it, though not without almost narrowly encountering Takanuva, Icarax discarded his Great Mask of Scavenging and donned the Kraahkon. he planned to wear until the day Teridax would want it.

Staff of Artakha

Icarax was soon ordered by Teridax to retrieve the mythical Staff of Artakha from Xia. However, he encountered the Toa Nuva of Earth, Onua, and battled him. Icarax easily defeated Onua, but the Toa had already informed his teammates of Icarax's intentions.

While on the island, Icarax learned of an order for weapons placed by an unknown party on Xia. Despite his suspicions, he could not investigate the matter.

Icarax traveled to Karzahni in order to obtain the Staff of Artakha, but was ambushed by the Toa Nuva. He defeated them all with the exception of Gali, who used a Water Nova Blast to defeat Icarax. The Makuta was swept away as the island was destroyed, but survived and headed to Mahri Nui, where he handed over the Staff to Teridax.

Icarax then returned to Xia, and when he got there, began to trace who placed the mysterious weapon order. Icarax followed the shipment to an island just off of the coast of the Southern Continent. There, he encountered and ambushed the beings who had placed the order: two Order of Mata Nui agents known as Botar and Trinuma. He met the two agents in battle, and in the process, used his Magnetism to murder Botar. However, despite sustaining injuries, Trinuma survived.

Icarax traveled to Metru Nui, and attempted to turn the Po-Matoran Ahkmou into a Shadow Matoran using his Tridax Pod. However, this had failed when Takanuva himself took the attack, thus becoming a being capable of using both Light and Shadow.

Days prior to the attack, Icarax returned to the Brotherhood's headquarters, where he proceeded to claim Teridax's throne for himself and succeeded.

Invasion of Karda Nui

When the Shadow Matoran Vultraz discovered an entrance to Karda Nui, Teridax, ordered the Brotherhood of Makuta to go there. Icarax, however, refused to go because he believed that the orders were nearly insane, despite the fact that Antroz attempted to persuade him to go.

A while later, Mutran's assistant Vican went to Icarax to ask for help under the orders of Antroz. Icarax, however, said that if he were to go to Karda Nui, Antroz would not be the one to give orders, and he would have to obey Icarax. Vican relayed the message to Antroz, who agreed on Icarax's terms. Icarax, as a result, arrived to Karda Nui, only after the Shadow Leech Hive was destroyed by the Toa Phantoka Nuva.

As soon as Icarax came, Antroz has requested that Icarax should defeat their enemies. They later discovered that the Toa and the Av-Matoran had already departed from their current location and were at the Makuta's abandoned lair, searching for the third Keystone.

Icarax and a group of Makuta then found the Toa in the Swamp of Secrets. In the ensuing battle, Icarax had devolved back into his bio-mechanical form by the Toa Ignika, which proved very painful for him. Icarax tried to escape with the rest of the Makuta when they attempted to leave the Swamp of Secrets, but was captured by the Toa Ignika instead.

While the "Toa" Ignika's captive, Icarax began to mock its knowledge on the Toa Code, and also warned it of its doomsday countdown. Toa Ignika, who did not have the experiance of distinguishing lies from the truth, left Icarax in search of its allies. Now alone, Icarax searched made his way through the swamp and reached the Codrex, spotting Krika hovering near its energy field. Though he did have a dislike for Krika, Icarax talked him into not accepting the fact that Mata Nui should not awaken, and the two began to attempt to destroy the Codrex, with the Toa Nuva inside it.

After Icarax suggested a plan that Krika accepted, the latter turned intangible and was able to pass through the Codrex without getting killed. Once inside, Kirka had deactivated the Codrex's energy field. Once Krika had done this, Icarax began destroy the undefended and ancient Codrex using his powers of Gravity.

While casually destroying the Codrex, Icarax was attacked by Gorast and Vamprah. A battle ensued, and Icarax had the upper hand up until Mutran showed up. Under Gorast's suggestion, Mutran sent a babble of thoughts to distract Icarax, which succeeded. Icarax was then taunted by Gorast, who said that the Toa were close to accomplishing their destiny to awaken Mata Nui. Surprised, Icarax decided to halt the Toa and prevent them from fufilling their destiny. Just as he began to teleport away from the scene of battle, however, Gorast seized him and used her Kanohi Felnas to make Icarax's Teleportation powers go wild. Vamprah then struck Icarax with his raw power, which, combined with the out-of-control Teleportation powers, split Icarax into atoms that were scattered across the universe, ultimately killing him. The Kraahkan also split into atoms that were scattered among the universe with Icarax's.

Powers and Abilities

Like other Makuta, Icarax could use the element of Shadow to his disposal. He also had access to all forty-two Kraata powers, and was able to create Kraata using pieces of his essence.

Tools and Masks

Icarax once wore a Great Mask of Scavenging, but it was discarded for the Kanohi Kraahkan, which he donned.

Icarax was armed with a Double-Bladed Sword, Rotating Shadow Blades, and a Tridax Pod that carried Shadow Leeches.


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