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Associated Colors White
Prefix Ko-

Ice is one of the six basic Elemental Powers.

Species Wielders


  • Ko-Matoran represent the Element of Ice. Ko-Matoran also contain a very minuscule amount of Elemental Ice energy, which takes the form of resistance to low temperatures.
  • Toa of Ice possess the Elemental Power of Ice, allowing them to create and manipulate ice and snow.
  • Turaga of Ice possess small traces of Elemental Ice Energy.


  • Kohrok had a limited range of Ice powers.
  • Some Fohrok had a very limited range of Ice powers.
  • The Bahrag had a wide range of Ice Powers.


  • Skakdi of Ice would only be able to access their power if they worked with another Skakdi, or if they carried a weapon to channel and focus it through.


  • Glatorian do not have natural Ice powers.


  • Forming ice
  • Lowering temperature in a given area
  • Controlling ice crystals
  • Destroying ice formations
  • Absorbing ice
  • Willing ice to take desired shape
  • Creating/willing away blizzards
  • Creating sentient Ice monsters or creatures (Knia Zenita exclusive)
  • Absorbing ice
  • Unleashing an Ice Nova Blast (Toa exclusive)


  • Matoran of Ice
  • Toa of Ice
    • Kaixin (she is one of the only known female Toa of Ice)
    • Konalia (A female Toa of Ice)
  • Turaga of Ice would have some highly limited Ice powers
  • White Crynok (Limited)
  • Ice Runask
  • Elemental Lord of Ice
  • Ice Toranits (Limited)
  • Skakdi of Ice (when used in conjuncture with another skakdi)


  • In Matoran culture, the element of Ice's virtue was Peace.
    • Its direct opposite was Anger.

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