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Iden (weapon)
Bionicle's 031
Function Combat
Powers Mimicking powers; disappearing when not being used
Status Intact
Location N/A
Pronunciation N/A
"The name fits well for a being that flashes out of the darkness to attack his enemies"
―A unknown Being talking to Shadow

Iden is Shadow's sword and weapon of choice.


Iden was made by an unknown Great Being who gave to Mata Nui who gave it to Shadow. What it's made of is unknown but it seems to grow stronger and lighter at the same time when it's owner is angered. It also seems to be stronger than Protosteel, although it can't break it.

Name and powers

Shadow named it Iden, which means Spirit in Matoran, for an unknown reason. Its powers were most likely given by the Great Being who created it. Its most know power was that in stead of putting it into a sheath, the owner could make it disappear, even though it wasn't in its owners hand, he could still call it back to his hand whenever (even if someone was standing in front of him).

Another ability was that it could mimic other Being powers and send it back at them stronger then it came. When someone is holding Iden, he/she feels stronger and calmer (something that Shadow needs).


  • Although it's never happened yet, it is said that if it stays with one of it's owners to long, the Iden kills anyone else who touches it.
  • A idea that Graeynag is the one who created Iden has been thought of.
  • User:Vizserk knows the Iden is also a Kanohi.

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