Incendia Rahi
Range Voya-Nui to Odina. Although some scaped from the Metru-Nui Archives.
Type Flying Rahi.
Colors A variety of colors.
Diet Omnivorous. (ate both plants and meat)
Natural Tools Twin Zamor-Sphere Launchers; Wings that can be used as blades
Notable Members Guagna the Rahi.

Incendia Rahi are a type of flying rahi that both hunt and gather. They originally evolved in Odina but then migrated in huge numbers to Voya-Nui. The only reason why they now live in Metru-nui is because some were contained in the Archives during the Great Earthquake. they can run as fast as a giop bull and protect themselves from most danger.

Notable Members

Guagna- Guagna is the alpha-male of the group of Incendia Rahi on Voya Nui. He bcame Toa Inika Jaller's pet but then had to leave because he could not travel underwater.

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