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Position Far south of Metru Nui
Size Unknown
Status Unknown
Pronunciation eye-zack-rah

Isakrah was a dark, menacing island in the far south of the Matoran Universe. It was ruled by the Sygran.


Isakrah was originally a large landmass inhabited by semi-spaient Rahi, until a being known as the Sygran invaded, claiming it was his destiny to rule the island. Using his sword Nox, he destroyed the native Rahi, and assumed control, naming the island Isakrah, a name meaning "land of pain".

For thousands of years, beings who washed up on Isakrah's shores were tortured and murdered by the Sygran and his Kedavorahn, until he decided to bring beings to the island for him to rule over, and then destroy one by one. He chose the Matoran of Krano Nui, whose Toa were away on quests at the time. He killed the local Turaga and took the Matoran.

Years later, an Intellian managed to escape the island alive, and word got the Toa Krano that their Matoran were alive. The Toa returned, and defeated the Sygran. They then left with the Matoran.

In fits of rage, the Sygran began destroying entire mountains, until he decided to get revenge. He rebuilt himself and his Kedavorahn, and left the island, which was destroyed when Teridax was killed by Mata Nui.


  • Sygran's Fortress - Right in the center of the island, up in the mountains, is the Sygran's fortress.

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