Iuo Nui
Iuo Nui
Primary ResidentsMatoran,Rahi
Former ResidentsNui-Vaga and Nui-Vagax
LocationNortheastern Islands area
PronunciationIH-OH NEW-EE

Iuo Nui was an island located east of Nui Marsh and north of Rimac.It was separated into 7 different sections:Bz-Iuo,the main city;Ta-Iuo;Po-Iuo;Le-Iuo; Ga-Iuo; Ko-Iuo;and Onu-Iuo (below the ground).It was connected to a neighbor island called the Badlands via a chain of mountains called the Nui Mountains.To the south was a large rocky structure called the Oracles' Spire,since the islanders believed that one day a being called The Oracle would come and bring peace once more to the universe.



Iuo Nui was originally founded by a group of Matoran from the kingdom of Luxaire,where King Rimac I came from.They left when when the King of Luxaire commented that The Oracle was a silly myth or legend and shouldn't really be trusted since a crazy Prophet had made it up.They were outraged by this and replied that he would come in "Mata Nui's Darkest Hour".The King then accused them of treason against the Monarchy,and banished them from Luxaire.The matoran originally thought of going to the recently discovered island Rimac,but decided against it since they wished to no longer deal with any sort of Monarch,although they did later became an ally to the island.They traveled to the north until they hit a large stony spire,naming it after The Oracle.They then went further north and discovered a larger island occupied by a colony of Nui-Vaga and Nui-Vagax.They hunted them down and eventually got them to go to the other side of the island,fittingly called "The Badlands".

The Dark Times

During the Dark Times,the colony came back and nearly absorbed,destroyed,hurt,or killed all Matoran on the island.With the help of a visiting Toa of Light and some people from Rimac,the Matoran drove back the colony into the Badlands.The government then created a law,named the "Badlands Act",told the citizens of Iuo Nui that although the government considered the Badlands as part of Iuo Nui,the matoran were not allowed to settle the area because of the mass amount of Nui-Vaga and the Nui-Vagax.The citizens could settle there if they really wanted to,but had to be weary of the many dangers.

The Great Cataclysm

During the Great Cataclysm,the people of Iuo Nui believed that the legendary Oracle would finally come.Instead,a huge plague from the Badlands infected the area,after a government official went their to inspect the area.The plague did damage to Matoran's bodies,making them rusty,and disintegrating their masks.They would then become almost Zombie-like,trying to infect other matoran of the island.The plague was later controlled when the cure was found to be energized protodermis,even if the matoran were not destined to change.Another law,the "Badlands Plague Act" declared that if anyone came back from the Badlands,they were required to be inspected prior to crossing the border to see if they carried the Plague.


  • There is known to be a large Nui Orb in the volcano in the center of the island.
  • It is unknown where the name "Iuo" came from.


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