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ColorsBlack, dark blue, silver
ElementNot confirmed
OccupationBounty hunter; slaver
ToolsUltra Staff of Fear; chains; wings
LocationThe Kaytriz Lakes of Fire


Iycra was a Toa that was told by a Matoran that her teammates would betray and abandon her. The Matoran was a messenger hypnotized by the Dark Hunters. The Matoran told her to capture her Toa and follow him. Iycra believed him without a doubt, because she had always thought that her teammates didn't like her. She tricked the Toa into that the Matoran would lead them to his village that was in danger, but instead lead them to where the Dark Hunters Roodaka, Vahkaz, and Ancient were waiting.

Iycra's teammates were taken by Roodaka, which she later mutated into beings similar to Nidhiki, and Iycra was taken to the Shadowed One, who rewarded her with Exo-Toa armour.

Iycra's League of Bounty-Hunters

Later, she found out that the Dark Hunters had lied about her teammates betraying her, and threw the upper section of the armor at the Shadowed One and ran away with Vahkaz. She went to Mt. Kaytriz and started a league of bounty hunters and mercenaries, and send them on searches for beings wanted for a reward.

She later started enslaving any Matoran that crossed her path, and any other being that didn't please her as well, and selling them to those with a good offer. (Sometimes, if they didn't offer high enough, Iycra would get impatient and simply enslave them.) Vahkaz later became a secret member of her league of bounty-hunters.

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