Jadax Magna
Primary ResidentsAt least one member of every species in the universe
Former ResidentsUnknow

"Over time he watched the universe, all the different planets and galaxies around him and he was intrigued. He found the urge to see all the species created, in one place, for him to over watch. So He created the planet Jadax Magna" Running From Death

Jadax Magna was a planet created by The Master. It was originally created as, almost a exhibition of the universes species but was later turned into a private hunting reserve.

Surface planet

The Surface of Jadax Magna seen from the space


53 billion years before the take off of Tehktra Nui from the Endless Ocean Planet, The Master, after rebelling against the Great Being Makura, had the urge to have all the living species in one place in which he could watch them over. So he created a planet, named Jadax Magna, in which he placed at least a member of every species in the universe. Knowing that the species wouldn't come voluntarily to Jadax Magna, The Master created a space vessel, known as Tehktra Nui for the Matoran, which would land in the different planets all over the galaxy. Once it landed on a planet, the inhabitants would see it as perfect place to live, and when the time arrived, The Master would took off, trapping them. This strategy worked, and after thousands of years many species resided at the planet. However, it's known that The Master sometimes used the ship's weaponry to take species to Jadax Magna, like in Aqualia's case.


  • At least one of every species in the universe

Known Inhabitants


More info coming soon

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