Juuloc Poster 2
Element Fire
Kanohi Pakari
Tools Fire Spear
Juuloc Upgraded
Element Fire
Kanohi Great Aki
Tools Fire Spear, Shield
Status Alive
Location Irania Nui
Pronunciation JOO-lock

Juuloc is a Toa of Fire from Irania Nui.



As a Matoran, Juuloc was a bodyguard of Turaga Lome. During his audition for the job, he was asked to fight Turaga Lome himself, who he duelled to a standstill.


Following Lome's disappearance and the murders of the entire Irania Nui Council, Juuloc and Kukaro eavesdropped on the city's new elder, the De-Matoran Kelta, only to discover that he was really a Makuta called Turex. Kukaro was killed, but Juuloc found a Toa Stone amongst the wreckage of Lome's office and was transformed into a Toa. He managed to repel Tyrex using his newfound abilities, and vowed to find Turaga Lome.

Abilities and Traits

While Juuloc seems laid-back and carefree, he is actually punctual and work-oriented. A master of many Matoran martial arts, Juuloc was a formidable opponent even before becoming a Toa.

Mask and Tools

As a Ta-Matoran, Juuloc wore a Kanohi Pakari, the Mask of Strenght, but it transformed into a Kanohi Aki, the Mask of Valor, when he became a Toa. It grants him the powers of Shielding, Strength and Speed, which he used to great effect in his battle against Tyrex.

Juuloc carries a Fire Spear and a shield.


  • Juuloc was the first character to appear in one of my stories.


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