GroupToa Kynika
KanohiGreat Rau
Colorsblack; purple; gold
OccupationToa Kynika of Lightning/Shadow
ToolsElectric Hook Blades
Statusalive, in a coma
Kadyx matoran
GroupMatoran of Tegen Nui
KanohiGreat Rau
Colorspurple; gold
ToolsKanoka launcher
LocationAkyna Nui

Kadyx was a Matoran that witnessed the creation of the anti-shadow barrier, created by the Toa Tegen, and the renaming of Tegen Nui to Akyna Nui.

She later became a Toa Akyna along with Taatoh, Atast, Dekea, Ahsia, Haddisi, Nadhoku, and Kamahn.

When Makuta Venetraze broke through the barrier, he drained most of Kadyx's light, as well as the other Toa Akyna, but Kadyx electricuted the shadow leeches before they could completely drain all their light. However, Taatoh was taken to Gahru Nui, where he was made into a Toa of Shadow by Makuta Cortrivu.

The Toa Akyna, now Toa Kynika, made the decision to go to Stelt to find the nearest Klakk. They convinced Turaga Kier to let them buy a boat from the Matoran. To help pay for the boat, Kadyx captured Mahi. The Toa bought the boat, and set sail the next day, only to find that Kyrka had followed them and stowed away on their ship. A terrible wind and hail storm came up, and Kyrka was picked up by the wind and dropped into the sea, and his current status is unknown. As for the Toa, their boat was shipwrecked on the island of Myhore. Kadyx was almost lost and drowned in the ocean but Ahisa found her. She has gone into a coma as a result of the event.

TKA Comics

Kadyx appeared in th TKA Comics in the Introduction and Comic 2, where she appeared to be carrying away Ahsia, but this is actually the author's mistake. She was actually just running with her arms up, and Ahsia was doing flips behing her.


Kadyx in comic form.


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