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Pre-Mutated 250px-Karzahni (Being) Pre-Mutated (Toa Hydros Version) 121435~1 Mutated KARZAH~2 Toa Umbra Avrax Version GoldenKarzahni
Karzahni (Being)
SpeciesShadow Being
GroupGreat Shadow of Universe (Formerly), League of the Six Kingdoms, Brotherhood of Karzahni
ColorsGreen, Lime, Blue (Formerly)
OccupationFormer leader of 682Sitrius, Former ruler of Karzahni
ToolsChains, Squid Launcher


Karzahni was created alongside Artakha by the Great Beings around 100,000 years ago. Soon after their creation, the two beings fought for the fabled Mask of Creation, a battle that Karzahni lost.

While his brother chose to make a haven for good Matoran workers, Karzahni chose to take in the bad ones, intending to repair their faults and return them to their homelands. However, his ability to fix the Matoran was not up to par, and he completely rebuilt the Matoran, but into weaker forms. To compensate for his inability to properly repair the Matoran, he gave each of them weapons. He then sent them to the Southern Continent to make sure his failures would not be discovered.

The Turaga eventually noticed that Matoran sent to Karzahni never returned from their exile, and stopped sending their poor workers. Angered by the lack of Matoran coming to him, Karzahni went into denial, blaming the Matoran for his failures. He refused to send any more Matoran away and trapped them within his realm, replacing their masks with his own twisted designs, stripping them of their identities.

Abilities and Traits

Karzahni was an insane and completely unpredictable sociopath. He could be friendly and kind one moment, and then go into a murderous rage the next. He possessed formidable strength, though he rarely used his might, choosing instead to defeat his opponents with his Kanohi's powers. He ruled his domain through fear and psychological abuse, such as replacing the masks of his Matoran subjects to rob them of their identities. Karzahni could scan areas with his mind, demonstrated when he discovered Jaller and his friends after they escaped their posts. He also had the ability to rebuild himself, and could quickly repair physical damage that he took. His armor was black and gold when encountered by Jaller and his company, but later rebuilt himself so that he was green in color.

Karzahni had a deep hatred of his brother Artakha, due to his early defeat in battle by him, and extended his hatred to anything made by Artakha.

Despite choosing to make his realm as a place where broken Matoran could be fixed, Karzahni did not have the skills to repair the injuries he was presented with. He instead rebuilt them into weaker forms, and eventually neglected them entirely.

Karzahni was mutated by the Pit Mutagen whilst in Mahri Nui's waters: his body was drastically changed, his Kanohi was fused to his face and he became a pure water-breather. These mutations have since been reverted through Mata Nui's use of the Kanohi Ignika, though the ability to breath water was retained, making him amphibious.

Due to the attack on his mind by Teridax, Karzahni was reduced to a vegetative state. However, his flight from the robot's evacuation indicated to Kopaka and Pohatu that his mental state may have changed.

Mask and Tools

Karzahni bore the Kanohi Olisi, Mask of Alternate Futures. While it was originally designed to predict possible outcomes within certain circumstances, its bearer has instead used it as a means of torturing Matoran and enemies. When he was exposed to Pit Mutagen, it became fused to his skull, though remained operational. This was undone after being struck by the Ignika's blast of Life-energy during Spherus Magna's restoration. The fall he would take sometime later, however, would result in Olisi being broken into pieces.

His primary weapon were two Flaming Chains, which were powerful enough to burn even udnerwater. They also could hold beings around he strength of a Manas (though it is still possible to break through them, as demonstrated by Lesovikk. He also carried a Squid Launcher during his time in The Pit, though it and his remaining Chain were confiscated by the Order of Mata Nui upon his capture.


Picture Form
250px-Karzahni (Being) Karzani original form.
KARZAH~2 Mutated.
GoldenKarzahni One of forms after rebuilding himself, as portrayed by Toa Umbra Avrax
121435~1 One of his forms after rebuilding himself, as portrayed by Toa Hydros