This article is about the character. You may be looking for canon Mask of Water Breathing of the same name.

"She's my best friend. That's why it hurts so much... the fact that she doesn't remember my... our past."
GroupFirst Matoran
KanohiBlue Kaukau
OccupationGuardian of the Pools of Spirit (Formerly), Aquarium Trader (Formerly), Public Assistant
PronunciationKOW KOW

Kaukau is one of the first Ga-Matoran ever created, and also one of the First Matoran. She has great knowledge of fish and the sea and used them in her work in the old days. Currently she lives in Dromii, working as a public assistant, who helps everyone that needs help.


Long ago, Mata Nui created Kaukau along with the other First Matoran and placed her on Dromii to live there. However, Dromii started to sink and Mata Nui made Hangi a Toa to rescue them to Manuin. Kaukau was one of the Matoran to be evacuated. She too, experienced the storm which was caused by the creation of Manuin, with the others. Finally they found Manuin where they found the Canyon of the Great Spirit and Hangi became a Turaga.

Hangi made Kaukau the guardian of the Pools of Spirit, knowing of her true potential for that job. Kaukau did very well and became very experienced. She soon knew more of the fish and sea than Hangi himself. Kaukau's best friends became Ilona and Lailai, although she was alone at the pools of spirit for most of the time.

During the dangers made by Makaatu on the village, Kaukau helped Ilona in her quests, that she got. Kaukau often got into trouble, only to be saved by Ilona, although Kaukau also saved Ilona a few times. However, when Makaatu made his final strike and captured the Matoran in Matoran Pods, Ilona failed to save Kaukau and she got captured and taken away.

Her pod was rescued by the First Toa and he was awakened with the rest in the Hangi Canyon. She had forgotten everything of the past, which made the new Turaga (previously the First Toa) upset. Ilona was really upset, since shand Kaukau had been best friends previously. Knowing of her knowledge of the fish, Ilona suggested that Kaukau would start an aquarium shop. She did this and sold aquariums and fish. The shop wasn't very popular but did okay.

When the Great Flood came, Kaukau had to welcome several Matoran and Turaga to her shop in the Tunara Shopping Center. After the flood, Mata Nui gave the Matoran eleven assignments. Kaukau assisted the others with these assignments the best she could. When the migration back to Dromii began, Kaukau released her fish into the Ocean of Prosperity. She later witnessed the rise of Dromii and went back to live there with the others.

Currently Kaukau works in Dromii as a public assistant, helping anyone in anything for a prize. She is doing very well and has become good friends with Ilona again.

Abilities and Traits

Kaukau is a very friendly Matoran, quickly to act. She is brave, perhaps a little too brave, but does have a way of thinking strategically too.


  • Kaukau inspired the same name for the mask of water-breathing.

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