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Kaydehrin are a species of dragon-like figures and are native to the island of Tomana. They were experimented on by t he Makuta.


No one knows exactly when or how the Kaydehrin came into being, however the earliest records date back to around the time the Great Spirit was created.

The Kaydehrin used to be a simple, kind and gentle race, however, they did not share too much, keeping trade routes to a minimum and making sure few people knew of their homeland's existence.

Around the time Spiriah's experiment on Zakaz failed, he traveled to Toman searching for help. He figured he could redeem himself if he perfected the "eye experiment" and got to work. He picked a random Kaydehrin and started experimenting on him. Unfortunately for Spiriah, this Kaydehrin was Lory.

After a while, Spiriah did his experiment on the entire race, having a few failures, but all in all, it was a success. He left, only to be banished fromt he Brotherhood of Makuta and was never seen again.

The Kaydehrin tried to live in peace after this, going on with their daily lives. The new eye experimint had a great deal of improvement over the other, especially with the powers that were granted with it.

The powers developed over the years (ex. The eye power now known to give the Kaydehrin instant knowledge of any weapon and how it works when held used to refer to instruments).

Lory, later known as "The First Kaydehrin" wound up going mad from the ability to switch between eye powers.

All Kaydehrin are mecenaries, taking the side that pays more, or fighting for whatever they believe in. If they see a fight that they will not benefit from, they will not partake in it.


A band of rogues defected from the whole Kaydehrin tribe, acting much like Toa to them. The team consisted of seven members.

Fornax, Emanna, Voltix, Foltiac,Schiner, Erander, and Lory.

About a year after the formation (and many battles won) Lory left for two reasons: Personal gain, and his insanity was too much.

The seven are stil the most commonly known Kaydehrin.


All Kaydehrin have access powers associated with their eyes. Using one of them too mcuh, or switching between them can cause you to go insane. All Kaydehrin have an electrical cord on their arm. A kaydehrin's only weak point is so stick one in their eye. This is a suicide attempt so that if they are being attacked, and their isn't much hope of winning, they can stick the cord in their eye, causing them to explode, and hopefully kill their attacked, too. Lory is the only known Kaydehrin who has ever stopped the explosion, but he lost part of his whole right side.


  • The Kaydehrin were created by MoC-ist Clicker512

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