Like, oh my gosh! My dream has like, totally come true! It's, ya know, like, finally raining cookies!

--Kerau, Guest-starring Master Gresh

KanohiBlack noble Huna (formerly); Black Hikitai
Colorsblack; purple
LocationAkyna Nui

Kerau is a Matoran of Akyna Nui that once was called "Not Kyrka" because he looked similar to Kyrka. He was simply a joke used in the TKA Comics until TKA came and changed him to a more original appearance, and renamed him "Kerau."

He was also present when the guest star The Archlord fixed Rishau, and when The Archlord flew into one fo the panels, Kerau seemed to have learned levitation, and was floating in the air.

Kerau was also told to bring metal scraps to the guest star Techna, but instead he brought a smelly pile of food scraps. When TKA corrected him, he went to go find some metal scraps, but Kerau couldn't find any. Techna then said that an idiot Matoran would work, so Kyrka got Matoran Teridax. Techna blew him up and said that they now have scrap metal. Kerau was sad.

When the guest star Master Gresh was mad at Kuakuuhu for putting peanuts in his cookies, the cookies ended up flying into the next panel, where The Host and Kerau were doing nothing. Kerau saw the cookies falling from the sky and proclaimed that his dream had come true. It was finally raining cookies.


Kerau in Rayg sprite form.

Kyrka comparision

Comparision between Kyrka and not Kyrka.


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