SpeciesNui Fusion
KanohiUnknown combined mask
ColorsWhite, Blue, Green and Gray
ToolsGreat Staff
LocationBio-Land, Alex's Fortress

Alternate Version: Aqua Magna

Alternate Version: Alive

Ketawnki was a powerful fusion with many powers, which we never have actually seen, since he was in being for only a short time. 


Ketawnki was formed when Tapio, Aino, Nekka, Inwirn, Dumpa and Juho fell into Energized Protodermis at Alex's Fortress in Alliance of the Enemies. It formed a powerful being, almost as powerful as Takutanuva.

Ketwanki, even though fused of more evil than good beings, decided to use it's powers for good. It destroyed the whole army of Griddlers and Minion Dogs with one single, blast of energy ending The Final Battle of Griddlers and Minion Dogs. Only 5 Griddlers and 1 Minion Dog survived.

After this, the fusion had lost so much energy that it had no more power to stay fused, and it defused. Everyone who was in the fusion, got a portion of Ketawnki's amazing powers, making them more powerful and transforming everyone except Nekka and Juho, who just became more physically powerful.

Later, an alternate version of Ketawnki was transported mysteriuosly into an alternate version of Aqua Magna onto the island chain known as the 10 Nui, along with the Toa Hordika versions of the Toa MataSilva, a male Toa of Psionics and his partner, Blae, a female Toa of FireKrakalin, a powerful Makuta, King Vakama, an alternate version of Toa Hordika Vakama, among others in There is Hope.

Abilities and Traits

Ketwanki had various different powers it could've used in it's time of excistence. It only used a powerful energyblast however, to destroy the Griddlers and Minion Dogs.

Mask and Tools

Ketawnki's mask power is unknown, but it was shaped like Tapio's noble Matatu.

As a tool, Ketawnki carried the Great Staff. It had some powers of it's own, but Ketawnki only used it to channel his blast at the Griddler army.


  • Ketawnki had more different powers than Takutanuva, but they were a bit weaker.
  • Ketawnki existed less than 5 minutes.
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