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MNOG Toa Kier
Tegen Nui's Toa's of Fire
Element Fire
Kanohi Great Theatii
Tools Kier's Spear
Turaga Kier
Element Fire
Kanohi Noble Theatii
Tools Turaga Scythe
Status Alive
Location Akyna Nui
Pronunciation KEE-ur


Toa of Fire (story)

Kier was a Matoran of Tegen Nui who one day, when he was out in the forest with Shagatiku, found an old Toa Suva. He stuck his hand in it, which caused himself, Shagatiku, and four other Matoran to be transformed into Toa. The encountered Tiekess, who was one of the Matoran to become a Toa, and went from there to Po-Tegen. There, they found a Toa of Stone, Kustre, and continued on their way. They later found the other two Toa, a Toa of Ice and another of Sonics, who will be introduced later.

Once, when a sentient acid cloud was terrorizing Tegen Nui, Kustre, the Toa of Ice and the Toa of Sonics were killed by it. Tiekess was teleported to Daxia by the cloud's teleporting ability. Kier and Shagatiku finally managed to drive it away.

Later, they also decided to build a anti-shadow barrier around Tegen Nui, and they renamed the island "Akyna Nui", which means land without shadow. Both Kier and Shagatiku became Turaga.

Toa Kynika Dekea Blog

Kier prohibited the Toa Kynika from interacting with the local Matoran. He consented once, though, to let them buy a boat from an unnamed Ga-Matoran, thinking that if they did, they would leave Akyna Nui, benefiting the Matoran.

Kier Haddisi

Kier and Haddisi arguing.

TKA Comics

When it was Turaga Kier and Turaga Shagatiku's 100th Turaga Anniversary, Shagatiku invited Turaga Amnesia, although Amnesia didn't understand. Turaga Ahnu later brought Turaga Amnesia to the party, to Kier's dismay.


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