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Kiina cgi
Group Water Tribe
Occupation Secondary Glatorian
Element Water
Tools  • Vapor Trident
 • Thornax Launcher
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation KEE-nuh

"Ackar knew there were some things on Bara Magna that one couldn't argue with: an enraged Skopio, a hungry swarm of scarabax beetles, and Kiina once she had her mind made up."
―Narrator, Journey's End.

Kiina was the Secondary Glatorian of the Water Tribe.


Early Life

Similarly to all other members of her species, Kiina began her life on Spherus Magna, hailing from the outskirts of the River Dormus, a marketplace where members of most tribes traveled regularly to barter and trade their goods and services. She thus spent her infancy under the rule of the Element Lord of Water in this settlement until the Core War began, though she was too young to participate in the conflict itself. Instead, Kiina spent the earliest years of her career defending the Water Tribe capital and providing occasional auxilliary support for Tarix's forces.

With Energized Protodermis reserves in the planet's core losing stability as a symptom of increased mining activity and depletion of natural reserves, a planet-wide shockwave known as The Shattering was known to have been triggered, causing planetary fragmentation and propelling to large chunks of the planet away from the surface. Participating in a battle in the central belt of Spherus Magna, Kiina was among the multitude of combatants who would become trapped on Bara Magna and was cut off from her homeland in the Bota Magna region.

Glatorian Career

Devastated by the apparent loss of the Elemental Lords as well as a majority of his troops, Kiina was one of several Core War combatants who appealed for an end to the conflict in the midst of such destruction. With Certavus, Tarix, and Vastus negotiating a truce between the remaining Water, Ice, Jungle, and Fire tribes, Kiina became a vocal advocate of the Agori Social System. With Tarix later establishing the Glatorian Creed, the denizens of Bara Magna recognized a collective unifying movement revolving around Glatorian arena matches so as not to risk armed conflict over the few resources available for each tribe.


Kiina in the outskirts of Tajun.

Taking residence in the city of Tajun unknowingly built from the wreckage of the Prototype Great Spirit Robot, Kiina was known to have received formal training from Tarix, who took it upon himself to mold a new generation of Glatorian warriors. During this period, Tarix was known to have imparted his teachings on several students, taking a particular interest in Kiina and eventually electing her as the Water Tribe's Secondary Glatorian.

Over the course of her long career, Kiina participated frequently in the annual Great Tournament, an arena championship enabling victorious Glatorian to charge a higher bounty for their services and stake a larger claim over any winnings. Although a dedicated entrant, Kiina never won a tournament.

Following an unknown trading dispute between the Jungle and Water Tribes, Kiina was known to have engaged Vastus in Tesara arena. While there are few details pertaining to the outcome of this match, it is presumed that Vastus emerged the victor.

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Abilities and Traits

Impulsive, temperamental, and fiercely protective of her fellow Glatorian, Kiina was a character ruled by her emotions. Although not inherently ambitious, Kiina harbored wild aspirations of one day restoring Bara Magna to its former glory.

After his arrival on Bara Magna, Mata Nui used the Kanohi Ignika to unlock Kiina's innate elemental Water powers. Once elementally-enabled, Kiina came to create bursts of water, manipulate currents, and absorb vapor from a target area. Additionally, Kiina was able to channel Water through her Vapor Trident.

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  • Kiina's name was loosely derived from the name of Greg Farshtey's ex-wife, Jackina.

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