Kiridonia 1
Primary ResidentsMatoran-like entities
Former Residents'
LocationWall of Stars
SizeVery Large

Kiridonia is a planet. It is inhabited by strange Matoran-like entities that can consume the energies of beings with elemental powers to allow them to grow stronger. Kiridonia was created by Vradok, and is where his body resides.

Main Features

  • Vradok's Fortress - It is here that the Disciples of Vradok strive to bring their old master back to life. Unless invited, only the bravest can enter, let only leave.
  • Power Station - An entire landmass covered with generators to power the whole planet. It harbours a great secret...
  • The Crimson Sea - The waters of Kiridonia are a deep red, due to experiments carried out by Vradok.

More info coming soon

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