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Group N/A
Element Creation,

Light unofficial,

Kanohi N/A
Tools Sword, shield
Status Deceased
Location N/A

Korasak is the creator of the universe, and Sol's brother. He lived from 1,000,000,000,000 BTR to 1,000,000,000,000 BTR.


Korasak was the fourth deity to be created, created alongside the other deities after Shadowmaster's exile from Alchemica Magnus. He was Deity of Creation and Light. Shadowmaster, his creator, had intended to use him to create and maintaining a twisted, corrupted, chaotic universe for Shadowmaster to rule.

Shadowmaster instructed the deities to create a universe to his specific instructions, but Korasak did not trust his creator, having his own moral code, and inspired the other deities to create a peaceful universe with no war or ruler. Korasak created the universe itself, while his brothers filled their own roles. Korasak also was renamed "Koratak".

However, this greatly angered Shadowmaster, and when Sol, Kraahtan, and Protanus fled, the dark one claimed to have murdered the deities in an effort to discourage Korasak and his followers. When Shadowmaster attempted to kill Koratak, the deity managed to fight back by using his powers of creation to create a sword to defend himself, and greatly injured Shadowmaster, though the dark one stood victorious and killed Koratak, just as the deity discovered that Coronus, one of the deities, had betrayed his brothers and sided with Shadowmaster. Koratak's sacrifice was not forgotten, however, as the Agori and Glatorian who had been created drove Shadowmaster and Coronus back and exiled them from Spherus Magna.

Abilities and Traits

Korasak was unlike the other 4 deities. Kind, caring, and peaceful. Immediately, he disagreed with Shadowmaster's ways. Korasak was more aware of his surroundings than his brothers, and considered all events from a morally-based perspective. This resulted in his rebellion against Shadowamster. Korasak cared for all individuals, though he developed a hatred for Shadowmaster, due to his evil intent, and Coronus, for seemingly betraying the other deities.

Korasak controlled the element of Creation. He used this to create the universe itself. In addition, he had the ability to create any object that he knew how to create, and could repair objects as well. However, these abilities were limited severely and he required a large amount of energy to use them. Only when granted with a large portion of Shadowmaster's powers was he able to create a small portion of what would become the Prime Universe, and even this was an incomplete version of the universe with no life or features. Korasak also had limited control over the element of light, able to project beams of pure light.


  • Korasak's model was originally the model for Koran.
  • The mask Korasak is wearing in the picture above is not the Deuskar. It is a powerless mask. The Deuskar takes the shape of the Ignika.

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