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Korboka Nui

The Island of Korboka Nui

Korboka Nui
Primary ResidentsTren Krom, the Enforcers of Tren Krom
Former ResidentsMakuta Coropsus, Shadow Matoran/Agori Assistant Krieger
LocationDeep, deep, deep underground
Size1 1/2 times the size of Mata Nui (Island)
Makuta*Current: None
PronunciationKor-bok-uh New-ee

Korboka Nui is an island in the Matoran Universe and the base of the Enforcers of Tren Krom.


Korboka Nui was ruled by Makuta Coropsus, until the Enforcers of Tren Krom drove him out. Tren Krom was later transplanted on this island and the Enforcers of Tren Krom use it as their base of operations.

The Broken Order Universe

In The Broken Order Universe, Korboka Nui was primarily inhabited by Rahi, as it was a major experimental site for the Brotherhood of Makuta.


  • Enforcers of Tren Krom Fortress
  • EOTK Thornax Incubation Sector
  • Kyparkra's Weapon Shop





  • Protodite
  • Adventures of Energy: The Chronicles of Pyroketox
  • The Enforcers of Tren Krom: The Adventures of Toa Feanor and Company


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