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This article is about the original version of the character. You may be looking for Toa Hydros's version.

Soldier Class Skrall
Group Rock Tribe
Occupation Glatorian
Tools Saw Shield, Sword, Thornax Launcher
Status Alive
Location Roxtus
Pronunciation CORE-po

Korpo is an elite Skrall and a Glatorian.


Originally a nameless soldier of the Rock Tribe, Korpo fought in the Core War of Spherus Magna, fighting for control of the newly discovered Energized Protodermis under the command of the Element Lord of Rock. After the Shattering, Korpo was stranded on Bara Magna with several others.

After the Skrall were cut off from their homeland, they came under attack from the shape-shifting Baterra. Roughly a year ago the Rock Tribe's leader Tuma had Korpo and the other Skrall migrate south to Roxtus.

Korpo is one of the most elite Skrall's in the Rock Tribe.

He is undefeated in every battle he has went through, as Tuma granted him the name "Korpo" for his mighty deed.

Korpo is currently in Roxtus.

Abilities & Traits

Korpo is merciless. When weakening a Glatorian, he doesn't stop his vicious assault unti they are defeated for good, if not dead. He is also incredibly strong and is very careless. He only pledeges his loyalty to Tuma and the Rock Tribe.


Korpo wields a sword equipped with a Thornax Launcher. He also uses a saw-edged shield.


  • Korpo is KylerNuva's favorite Glatorain to write about.
  • When training a rookie Skrall, he trains them as if he is facing a different Glatorian Tribe. As for some result, he either weakens them critically or even kills them.
  • User Toa Hydros has made his own version of Korpo, and has appeared in both "Sands of Change " and "Society of Guardians ". Since both his and KylerNuva stories take place within the canon Bionicle Universe, one could say that both versions are in fact the same character. 

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