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Koved Matoran
Element Ice
Kanohi Mahiki
Koved Toa
Kanohi Matatu
Tools Ice Greatspear
Koved Turaga
Group Spherus Magna Council, Metru Magna Military Engineering
Kanohi Matatu
Tools Staff
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation KO-ved

Koved (formally stylized as His Excellency, Koved, by the Grace of Mata Nui, President of the Spherus Magna Council and Head of the Commonwealth of Nations of Spherus Magna) was a Ko-Matoran who later became a Toa of Ice.

He is currently a Turaga, founder of the Metru Magna Military Engineering, and President of the Spherus Magna Council.



Koved was once a student in the eastern region of the island of At-Norx. On one occasion, the Makuta from his area, Pakark, gave him the task of traveling west to present a new Rahi to Makuta Carya. Upon arrival, he introduced the Rahi and then met a Ga-Matoran named Kryehk. Over the next few months they both met illegally until they were attacked by a Muaka and badly damaged.

Koved and Kryehk were sent together to Karzahni to be fixed, and then to Voya-Nui. Koved was present in Voya Nui when it broke away from the Southern Continent, and later on the land that fell off and formed Mahri-Nui.

Koved was an inventor when Ignika appeared, and was one of the first Matoran to find it.

Shortly before Mata Nui's return under the control of Makuta Teridax, Koved and Kryehk became Toa and then helped the rebels of the Reign of Shadows.

Spherus Magna

After Teridax's death, Koved migrated to Spherus Magna along with all inhabitants of the Matoran Universe to begin a new life. There he sacrificed his powers to create a new Toa team and became Turaga. He, however, rejected the idea of becoming a Matoran leader and decided to pursue his dream of inventor by founding a company called "Matatu Corporation."

One of the first clients of his business was Vilrohk, for whom he created powerful armor. Gradually, Koved's company grew and he was eventually hired by the newly formed Spherus Magna Council to design a capital city for the planet. In the span of ten years, Koved and his company created the city of Metru Magna.

Impressed with the result, the Council formed a formal alliance with Koved and Matatu Corporation, to which he officially renamed "Metru Magna Military Engineering".

After the founding of Metru Magna, the Council commissioned the construction of a refuge in the extreme case that the city had to be evacuated. Unexpectedly, several of the Senators persuaded the Engineering to build the shelter in a location closer to the kingdom of Xianori, one of the rival nations of the Council, on the pretext of needing to spy on the kingdom in secret.

At the end of the project, the Refuge began to be used by corrupt Senators to carry out various illegal operations in Xianori and to take advantage of the lower class of the kingdom. Koved would not know about this until over a thousand years later.

The Invasion

When the Chorak invaded, Koved was evacuated from Metru Magna and guided to the refuge.

One day Vavakx left the refuge while Vilrohk and Deriahk sought clues about the Kanohi Gebuk, the legendary Mask of Wishes, to end the war. With the refuge defenseless, the Chorak attacked and wounded the Agori Gryk. Koved helped Toa Kryehk in repelling the Chorak and escaped along with the others. Then, the refuge's security mechanism activated, which caused an explosion and destroyed the entire area.

Shortly after, Kapokhed, the destined user of the Kanohi Gebuk, arrived to the area, but was attacked by the guards and then a battle began. At the same time, another Chorak patrol attacked and Koved helped to stop them while Deriahk fought Kapokhed. Koved sensed that Deriahk was in trouble and attacked by levitating objects with his mask, but Kapokhed responded to the attack and petrified Koved.

Koved was revived by Kapokhed when the war ended, and he met Kryehk, now a Turaga, to celebrate the beginning of an era of 1000 years of peace.


Koved was not present during the events in Defunction, but these resulted in Pakark sacrificing Kryehk, which was traumatic for him.


Many years later, upon Vavakx's death, the corruption of the Spherus Magna Council became evident, with illegal operations in the Spherus Magna Refuge severely affecting the kingdom Of Xianori.

Koved, seeking an opportunity to take over the Presidency of the Council for his own plans, discovered details about the corruption as he searched the ruins of the Refuge. He allied with Deriahk to do an investigation, without revealing his true intentions. At the same time, Xianori began to undergo a Rebellion from its lower class, who organized the robbery of the Kanohi Ignika on Metru Magna.

The unofficial Senator of Xianori, Isale, sent Toa Nugru to the Refuge and Deriahk presented him to Koved. After revealing his discoveries about the corruption in the Council and his suspicions about the theft of the Ignika by the Rebellion, Koved gave Nugru a crystal with all the information.

The information came to light after the Rebellion in Xianori, and the scandal resulted with several Senators resigning their posts or being arrested for their crimes. As planned, Turaga Tahu was removed from the Council's Presidency with Koved being later elected to take the post.

Koved was informed by one of his agents, Kuruk, that his plan had been a success and that the Council was now under his control. Then Tux, another of his agents and Tahu's former diplomatic assistant, appeared to report that they too had succeeded in capturing the Tamani Diguxx, who had with him the Kanohi Gebuk and the Kanohi Ignika. Koved stared at the masks, preparing for the next phase of his plan.

Abilities and Traits

Koved is a mechanical and technological genius. He did not consider himself destined to be Toa, because he believed that his duty was to innovate. By becoming Toa and Turaga, he maintained his passion for science.

Like all Toa of Ice, Koved was able to create, control and absorb ice. His powers were drastically reduced when he was transformed into a Turaga.

Mask and Tools

Koved uses a Noble Matatu, Mask of Telekinesis, which allows him to move objects with his mind.

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