" Die, Useless Toa!"

-Kraahkanuva to An Unknown Toa

GroupAgents of Doom
KanohiDemon Avohkii
ColorsBlack, Silver
OccupationToa Hunter
ToolsSeismic Cannon
LocationKarzha Nui


Kraahkanuva is the feared Toa Hunter of Karzha Nui, and once the Leader of the Toa Federation. Before Kraahkanuva was what he is now he was golden Toa with a massive blade. He hates Karavahk, as he 'killed' him. Kraahkanuva is a zombie- possessed by shadows. His Seismic Cannon is powerful enough to reduce someone to ashes. He is sepecially large, almost twice the size of normal Toa. As soon as he completes his mission, to kill all Toa, he can achieve his death. Kraahkanuva possesses immense power, he can either take away Gravity, or crush people with it. He uses brute strength to pummel his opponents to a pulp. He also despises Toa Salamax.


Kraahkanuva has no personality due to his undead nature.


The Seismic Cannon is a heavyweight weapon and can blast nearly anything into trillions of fragments. It is known as the Eye of Santorakh, and in the hands of Kraahkanuva, it is an accurate and dangerous weapon.


  • Elemental Power: 23
  • Strength: 32
  • Speed: 20
  • Willpower: 0
  • Skill/Agility: 12

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