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Species : Fused (species) Makuta
Group : of Makuta Brotherhood of Makuta
Kanohi : Kraahkan (formerly),Omni
Colors : Silver
Element : Shadow
Occupation : Bounty Hunter
Tools : None
Location : with Sotez
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Zee toes

Species : Fused Toa of Light
Group : of Mata Nui Order of Mata Nui (formerly),of Makuta Brotherhood of Makuta
Kanohi : Avohkii (formerly),Unknown (some fused mask)
Colors : Black
Element : Light (formerly),Shadow
Occupation : Bounty Hunter
Tools : None
Location : with Zetos
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Soo tez

Kraavohkii was a fusion of a former Toa of Light and a (species) Makuta by the of Fusion Spear of Fusion. They (or,actually,it) are now Bounty Hunters,working for the of Makuta Brotherhood.



Zetos was a (species) Makuta from the Catacombs where he joined the of Makuta Brotherhood and served as a scientist. He was mocked by other (species) Makuta because he didn't have a Kraahkan when he first joined. Eventually he received one from of Metru Nui his leader. Later,one of his colleagues found a of Fusion strange staff and later found a Toa of Light and wondered what would happen if they were stuck together for the rest of their lives. He later fused them into what their current state is. Zetos lost his Kraahkan in the process and became mocked again;he was furious.


Sotez was a Toa of Light that was captured by the of Makuta Makuta to be fused to Zetos. Not much else is known about him, except when he was fused to Zetos, his Avohkii fell off his face and the of Makuta Brotherhood kept it until the Hagah Toa Hagah stole it.


  • Zetos-Omni.Power:Can see anything from anywhere.
  • Sotez-Unknown.Power:Unknown.

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