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Toa of Sonics
Group Order of Mata Nui, Organization of Darkness (Formerly), Mata Nui Army
Occupation Toa
Element Sonics
Powers Control over Sonics
Kanohi Suletu
Tools Sonic vibration sword
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Pronunciation KRA-coo-ah



Five years ago, while in his village, Krakua was aproached by the Matoran Mazeka. Vultraz, an evil Ta-Matoran asigned to capture Krakua and attacked the De-Matoran village with a sonic device. Knocking the Matoran of Sonics unconscious. Mazeka managed to cover Krakua's ears and afterwards the invisible Order of Mata Nui member Jerbraz managed to carry him away. Krakua was then taken to a place to be trained and be prepared to use his full power once he became a Toa.


After becoming a Toa, He then became a servant of the Order, acting as a liaison between the Order and Toa. The Order was attempting to avoid placing Krakua into situations in which he may have to use lethal force, which would break the Toa Code. Krakua sought out Lesovikk, and gave him information about the Pit and about someone who would take care of Karzahni should the tyrant be defeated.

Krakua later traveled to Metru Nui with Helryx and Brutaka to give Takanuva valuable information regarding theToa Nuva. After bringing the partially light-drained Toa down to a chamber in the Archives, they placed a Kratana on his mask to show him the history of the Toa Mata and gave him the requisite information needed to assist the Toa Nuva. When the vision ended, Helryx asked Takanuva to go to Karda Nui. Upon being introduced to Brutaka, Takanuva refused. Helryx was eventually able to convince him to go, and Krakua gave Takanuva the Great Sundial, which had been shrunk by Brutaka. They then sent him to Karda Nui using Brutaka's Olmak. After he was gone, Krakua was slightly uncomfortable with the fact that they did not tell Takanuva the whole truth, particularly about his involvement. Helryx dismissed it, and led the other two out of the Archives to prepare for the war. As a result of the coming war, and Helryx's realization that it would be costly, Krakua was recruited, going from a servant of the Order to a full member. He received minimal additional training before helping with the war. Krakua was known to have acted as a scout for several Order of Mata Nui forces moving into position

Krakua was later sent to Voya Nui with a member of Botar's species to retrieve Axonn and inform him of the coming war. The trio then teleported back to Daxia.

Much later, Krakua was called upon by Hahli during the Siege of Metru Nui by the Brotherhood of Makuta. The Toa Mahri of Water told Krakua about Vakama's plan to drive off an invading force of Rahkshi, which called for Krakua to use his sonics powers to awaken a group of Bohrok residing in the Archives. Despite being skeptical about the plan, he succeeded in the task, and the Bohrok emerged onto the surface of Metru Nui and battled against the Rahkshi.

With Makuta Teridax killed and the entire Matoran Universe rendered uninhabitable, Krakua migrated onto Spherus Magna along with the other survivors of the Makuta's death.

He was in Metru Nui with other Light Hunters to look for the reason of the beginning of Teridax's Reign. He and the others were later attacked by Rahkshi. He survived, but due to Sektem's death, the group was laid to rest for good.

Alternate Universes


Krakua in his current Fusionverse form.

In Inika 7 (Fusionverse), Krakua is one of the Toa Magna who was already i his respective element and form, except his Kanohi was replaced with an Audous, the Mask of sensory aptitude. All he needed was the crystal of Hope, but he was unable to obtain it since the Ice Continent fell to the Predacons. He stayed with Alec when his team was split up, and aided in the raid of the Infinity Mountain Predacon base. Although the seige was doomed from the start, their efforts enabled Rj/Optimus to obtain the Wind/Bird Digimemory back. He evacuated with the others to the Maximals' ships, and then returned to De-Koro (where he was only welcome because the De-Matoran needed protection).

Abilities and Traits

Like most other De-Matoran or Toa of Sonics, Krakua had a tendency for silence and an aversion to fighting, or anything that brought loud noise. However, he did have a penchant for whistling, and was known to be a very capable Toa.

As a Toa of Sonics, he had near-perfect control over sound waves. As such, at a basic level, he could create, control, and absorb sonic energy. Examples of this included creating shock waves, absorbing or manipulating sound in an area to create silence, and using sonar.
150px-Promo Art Krakua

promotional artwork for krakua

Mask and Tools

Krakua wears a Kanohi Suletu, the Great Mask of Telepathy, which allows him to read the minds of others, and to project his own thoughts.

He carries a sonic vibration sword, said to be able to deliver devastating sonic vibrations capable of shattering mountains.


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