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"I know your kind,Verahk. You crush the hopes and dreams of innocent people; you take what isn't rightfully yours; you fight for your own selfish reasons, take the lives of others, and leave their bodies where they fell like a hungry Shadow Panther. You and the rest of your Brotherhood are worse than the Dark Hunters could ever be. For that, you must, and will be vanquished here and now."
―Krataka to Verahk, The Hydros Chronicles

Bionicle20 085
Toa: Pre-Transformation
Element Plasma
Powers Plasma-based powers
Kanohi Great Hau
Tools Spear, Cordak Blaster
SJ-122 057
Toa: Twilight Form
Element Light, Shadow
Powers Light and Shadow-based powers
Kanohi Great Hau
Tools Spear, Nova Blaze Sword (formerly), Midak Skyblaster (formerly) Cordak Blaster
Bionicles 169
Toa: Shadow Increase
Element Shadow
Powers Shadow-based powers
Kanohi Great Hau
Tools Spear, Cordak Blaster
Bionicles 172
Toa: Light Increase
Element Light
Powers Light-based powers
Kanohi Great Hau
Tools Spear, Cordak Blaster
Carmen camera 066
Toa: Akatark Form
Element Time
Powers Time-based powers, telepathy, energy field creation, teleportation, limited shapeshifting
Kanohi Great Vahi
Tools Lance, Wing Blades
Status Alive
Location Fortress of Ages
Pronunciation krah-TAH-kah

Krataka (also known as Akatark) was a Toa Hagah of Plasma, currently a Toa of Twilight and Time due to a number of unique circumstances that have granted him his abilities. Following a life-changing struggle against Makuta Verahk in Karda Nui, Krataka became the founder and leader of the mysterious Society of Guardians.


Early Life

Krataka was originally a crafter from the same island as Lhikan. For reasons unknown, Krataka left this land and made his home on another to the south. During his time here, he became good friends with a Fe-Matoran named Oksaki and a Ga-Matoran named Kiza. Eventually, Krataka became a Toa. He later, became the sole protector of a small island south of Metru Nui.

Toa Hagah

Krataka and Kiza were one of the many Toa personally singled out and selected by the Brotherhood of Makuta to join their Toa Hagah bodyguard teams. His team was assigned to safeguard both Makuta Orriki and the island he was assigned to. Not long after joining up with this team, Krataka was designated to act as the second-in-command of the team.

Krataka and his Toa team performed their duty well, and dealt with issues that Orriki did not have time for, such as Rahi intrusions. During this time, the team's original leader, Krexp, stepped down and appointed Krataka as the new leader. During this time, Krataka entered a very close relationship with his old friend Kiza.

Some time later, however, Makuta Teridax's Toa Hagah team revelled against the Brotherhood, and in response Krataka's team was reluctantly betrayed and killed by Orriki on orders from Teridax. Krataka wasthe only survivor of the attack. The wounded Toa was then taken to Destral and experimented on in an attempt to create a Toa that could control Shadow.

The attempt was half-successful. He was left with the ability to control both shadow and light. Unable to complete the process, the Brotherhood deemed Krataka a failure and attempted to dispose of him. Before Orriki could detroy Krataka, the Toa transformed into his shadow form. The dark Toa, born out of Krataka's anger and rage, attacked the Makuta and almost killed him before Krataka regained control. With Orriki defeated, Krataka managed to escape.

Life as a Wanderer

After escaping Destral and the Makuta's clutches, Krataka decided to abandon the island he had once helped Orriki protect, as the land had fallen under the Brotherhood's control. Fleeing with his old friend Oksaki, the two began wondering the universe, thwarting any Brotherhood of Makuta operations they came across.

At some point during his travels, Krataka met and befriended a Toa named Hydros, who helped him defend an island from an invasion by the Brotherhood's Visorak Horde.

More recently, shortly before the war between the Brotherhood of Makuta and Order of Mata Nui erupted, the two were seen defending a Matoran-populated island from infecyed Rahi under the Brotherhood of Makuta's control, though they soon became surrounded by a Muaka and a Kane-Ra Bull. Before they could be harmed, Krataka and Oksaki were saved by the timely arrival of an Order of Mata Nui member Kevtho.

The Saursapien informed Krataka about Toa Hydros' mission to Karda Nui to stop a Makuta named Verahk, claiming his friend would need help. Krataka was then given the Skydrax K2, a vehicle which allow him to reach Karda Nui. After being assured that Kevtho and Oksaki could handle things on the island in his absence, Krataka departed and piloted the Skydrax K2 to Karda Nui.

Karda Nui

After arriving, Krataka met and teamed up with a mutant Toa named Tazahk. After exploring the swamp of Karda Nui a little more, Krataka saw a Ta-Matoran named Moliki hurled from the top of a village. Krataka managed to catch the Matoran before he could fall to far and brought him back down to the swamp to introduce him to Tazahk. After the introductions were made, Tazahk noticed a wound Moliki had recieved during his rescue. Deciding to play it safe, Krataka used a small portion of his Toa power to heal the Matoran's injury, accidentally transforming him into a Toa in the process. After helping Moliki recover from the initial shock of the event, Krataka and Tazahk gave Moliki a few quick lessons about using his powers. Krataka then persuaded Moliki to scout the swamp while he and the Toa of Air searched for Hydros' team. The pair eventually managed located Hydros and his companions, though held back from making themselves known so they could watch and ensure they were truly the ones they sought.

After Hydros was corrupted by Verahk, Krataka and Tazahk introduced themselves to Hydros' team and later met the mysterious Toa Akatark, who they hesitantly accepted onto their side. They then began making battle plans when a strike force lead by Shados arrived. Krataka immediatly challanged Shados and managed to down him temporarily. Before the fight could be finished, however, Krataka noticed Xakon gaining an edge over Vanak in their battle, which ended with Vanak being severely wounded. Just before Xakon could draw the final blow, Krataka knocked the Shadow Matoran away with a blast of shadow energy, giving Shados and the remaining Rahkshi a chance to escape.

Shortly after, Krataka made an offer to heal Vanak as he had Moliki, but the Av-Matoran turned him down as he was about to transform into a Bohrok. Once the process was finished and Vanak disappeared, Krataka finally gave into his anger and transformed into his shadow form. He then demanded a captive Xakon to take him to Verahk's hiding place, only to be talked down by Akatark, who told the team how Shados and the Shadow Matoran could be cured. Krataka and the others were then led to Verahk by a former Shadow Matoran named Neka.

Swamp of Secrets

After arriving, Krataka and the others who came were introduced to Verahk's ultimate weapon, the Zusorahk. They promptly began attacking the massive creature, though their success in wounding the beast was limited. At that point, Krataka's Skydrax K2 was blasted out of the sky by a sneak attack from Makuta Frezako. He spiraled down until he was struck by the Zusorahk, sending him flying until he finally hit the ground. Moliki managed to distract the beast while Toa Shaza dragged him to safety before taking him back to the base.

While he was unconscious, the Toa of Twilight had a dream that was sent to him by Atukam, who instructed him to wake up and rejoin the battle. After doing so, Krataka met (and was quite taken with) Toa Shaza, who later helped him fix the Skydrax K2. Toa Skydrax then arrived with a wounded Makuta named Vorakx, leaving him in Krataka and Shaza's care, who repaired the Makuta's armor just in time for Neka to appear. She warned the trio of the others' limited progress against the Makuta, prompting them to follow her back to the battle scene.

Krataka arrived aboard the Skydrax K2 in time to tell Scotho to hold the Zusorahk off a little longer so everyone else could get into position for his plan. He then sped off to aid Skydrax against Shados, managing to knock the Toa of Shadow out with a well placed ram from his vehicle. He then told Skydrax to get into position and sped off again. As everyone else took their places, Krataka was approached by Makuta Orriki, who attempted to tell the Toa of Twilight of his willingness to aid him; Krataka, however, would hear none of it, having lost his trust of Orriki long ago. The Toa then blasted the Makuta out of the sky and focused his attention back to the Zusorahk, commanding everyone to unleash blasts of energy. Once it was over, Krataka's attention was drawn to a laughing Verahk, who revealed the Zusorahk's nature of healing itself by transforming into a stronger form. Once the beast had finished regenerating itself, Krataka commanded the rest to attack, hoping to bring it down for good. Instead, the group was sent sprawling from a well-placed tail slam from the Zusorahk.

After recovering, Krataka ordered the others to either fight against the Zusorahk, or try to heal Hydros while he and Skydrax took on Verahk. Shortly after, the two Toa made their move and attacked Verahk and his apprentice, Zogorak; though they were eventually overpowered. As Verahk held the Toa of Twilight by the throat, he told Krataka that he would allow him to live by swearing fealty to the Makuta of Xia. Krataka refused, resulting in Verahk attempting to feed him to the Zusorahk. Before he could, however, the allegedly deceased Toa Akatark used his powers to freeze the massive Rahi in time and space. Seeing Akatark alive and well, Verahk threw Krataka away before learning of Zogorak's true allegiances to the Order of Mata Nui.

As Verahk's battle against the team began, Krataka managed to hit him with a bolt of light, giving Skydrax an opening to attack. As Verahk began to lose the fight, he unleashed a massive blast of dark energy, sending Krataka and the others reeling. Before Verahk's newly revived Zusorahk could attack, however, Makuta Orriki and Toa Moliki arrived and both defeated and sent the Zusorahk away.

As Orriki revealed his betrayal to Verahk, Krataka noticed a fight taking place from a distance. Upon learning it was Shaza against Frezako, Krataka activated the power of his spear, allowing him to fly to the scene of the fight, and arrived just in time to take a blast of shadow energy in his shadow form to protect Shaza from harm. The blast forced Krataka to revert to his default form before slipping into unconsciousness, leaving Shaza to watch over his limp form. After Verahk escaped, Krataka was taken back to the base where Neka attempted to heal Krataka's wounds.

After regaining consciousness, Krataka received a hug from Shaza, though they broke it once they realized Tahzak and the others were watching them. After a brief talk about what had happened after Krataka's injury, Krataka voiced his suspicions on Orriki's motive to help them. Shaza eventually managed to calm him down, and after a brief flirt, Krataka began feeling a large disturbance in his body. After briefly outlining his difficulties at using his shadow powers, Shaza departed in order to inform Akatark about it, though not before giving Krataka a quick kiss as a thanks for saving her life. After this, he passed out after being confronted by Tahzak on his flirt with Shaza. After regaining consciousness an hour later, Krataka discovered that the others had departed to take out Verahk, while Shaza, Neka, Orriki, Scotho, Moliki and the Rahi Fang Tooth remained behind. Annoyed that he had not been awakened in order to fight Verahk, Krataka attempted to leave, though was rebuffed by Shaza who stated he needed rest. After spending some more time rsting, Krataka, Shaza, and Orriki left the base and headed for Verahk's lair.

Upon arriving, Verahk, who was absorbing energy from Karda Nui's atmosphere, sent a blast of energy that sent Shaza spiraling to the ground. Luckily, Krataka managed to catch Shaza before she could fall too far, and the pair began fighting Verahk' minions soon after. Verahk then began absorbing energy again, and transformed into a massive vortex of shadow. Much to Krataka's surprise, Verahk revealed that his plan expanded far beyond creating a personal army of Zusorahk and draining Hydros of light. He then witnessed Verahk betray Frezako, who was absorbed into Verahk's mass. After this, Krataka and the others began showering Verahk with their powers, though to no effect. Verahk then sent several blasts of Shadow at Krataka and his allies, and sent them reeling.

After attempting to recover, Verahk sent a blast of energy that distracted the Toa long enough for Verahk to grab him with a Shadow Hand. However, before he got too far away, he was grabbed by Orriki, much to Krataka's surprise, who attempted to pull Krataka out of Verahk's Shadow Hand. Unfortunately, Verahk focused a blast of electricity into his hand, which subsequently electrocuted Orriki, forcing him to let go of a nearby rock pillar he was holding onto. The two were then brought into Verahk's mass, but just before he could absorb them, Krataka's body finally gave into Karda Nui's strange energies and transformed him into a Toa of light. He then used his new powers to blast his way out of Verahk's mass, and stop Verahk from absorbing more energy. After freeing himself and Orriki from Verahk's mass, Krataka briefly examining his new form and powers.

After recovering from his wounds and reverting back to his normal form, Verahk expressed his own surprise at Krataka's transformation, though remained calm as he transformed into a much more powerful form. The group attempted to take Verahk down though this did little to stop him. He sent a blast of Shadow energy that severely weakened Krataka, allowing Verahk to escape. Not wanting him to get away, Krataka sent Nuzaka, Tahzak, Skydrax, Vorakx and Scotho after him. He then told Orriki to find Verahk's Shadow Matoran, Xakon and Raniza, so as to restore their inner light. After instructing, ordered Proto-Beast and Moliki to guard the area, he was told by Moliki of Hydros' return to the light and his abrupt disappearance, much to Krataka's dismay. He was then seen attending to Zogorak's wounds with Saza, due to the massive blow Zogorak had taken during their fight with Verahk. Shaza then discovered a Toa that strangely resembled Hydros hidden behind a damaged wall. After calling Krataka, over the pair began speculating on what she could do if she possessed Hydros's powers.

After briefly tending to Verahk's experiment, Krataka and Moliki were seen discussing Zogorak's health. After talking about Verahk's experimental Toa, Orriki returned with a now light-restoed Raniza, though without Xakon, who had fled Verahk's base earlier. Orriki then revealed that he had stumbled across Verahk's journal whilst looking around his hideout earlier on, and had discovered some disturbing information about his brother's plan. The team then returned to Hydros' base, where Orriki read entries from Verahk's journal.

Orriki read out a particular entry that revealed that Verahk had sent out an anonymous and false message to the Order of Mata Nui that a rogue Brotherhood member was performing experiments on the Necronites of Nocterra. In turn the Order sent Hydros and Kevtho to investigate the matter. When Hydros was alone, Verahk attacked him in the form of a Shadow Panther, and managed to extract a sample of Hydros' organic tissue. Using Makuta viruses, Energized Protodermis, the numerous chemicals used to create Ohtvek, and the concoction used to transform Hydros, Verahk was able to create a "clone" of Hydros that he named "Pyra". After speculating on Verahk's true reason for creating Pyra, Krataka, Shaza, Moliki, and Raniza departed to catch up with Zogorak and Proto-Beast, who had been sent to aid the the others earlier.

With Shaza to back him, Krataka arrived at the spot where Verahk had defeated his comrades and attacked him. After dealing two minor elemental blows, Verahk retaliated with a burst of darkness that the two only just managed to dodge. After the Makuta dealt with Shaza, Krataka attempted to subdue him by spearing Verahk, though this had no affect and Krataka was quickly pushed on the defensive until he was downed by a blast of laser vision. Verahk then violently thrashed Krataka around with his claws until the Toa could take it no more and collapsed. Before Verahk could finish him, however, Shaza unleashed a blast of lightning so powerful that it sent Verahk flying several hundred meters away. After being helped back to his feet by Moliki, Krataka came to Shaza's side, who had severely weakened by the massive strain she had put on both herself and her power.

As Krataka's allies rose, Verahk teleported back to the battlefield and began absorbing more energy from Karda Nui;s atmosphere. After Shaza deduced why Verahk had been stalling the battle for so long, the Makuta revealed he was waiting for the Energy Storms to come to Karda Nui so he could become infinitely more powerful than he already was. After going on to reveal the full nature of his current scheme, Krataka defiantly went on to say they would stop him, though was quickly silenced when Verahk began shape-shifting again into an even more powerful form. Verahk then emerged in a form that towered over fifty-feet tall. In a desperate effort to stop him, Kratak rallied the others and together they launched all their power against Verahk, which didn't so much as even scrape his armor.

However, in one strike, the whole team was defeated by a destructive blast from Verahk's laser vision. With all their efforts to stop him thwarted, Verahk began to taunt the assembled warriors as Krataka's resolve and willingness to go on began to crumble. When Verahk extended an offer for Krataka and the others to join him, though before he could give in, Krataka's confidence was restored when the others beckoned him to go on, resulting in him denying Verahk's offer. Declaring that their fates had been sealed, Verahk attempted to obliterate the group with an almighty blast of power, only for the group to be shielded from the blast by the power of Hydros and his new Exo-Frame H10, who had just been teleported to the site of the battlefield.

As Hydros fought off Verahk, Krataka and the others were ordered to return to their base to collect anyone left behind and leave before the Energy Storms could begin. After returning to their site, the group began discussing ways to leave Karda Nui until Akatark returned, and after convincing Shaza to let everyone be evacuated first before returning to aid Hydros, Akatark used his powers to teleport the team out of Karda Nui. The group then arrived in the Fortress of Ages, Akatark's personal base, where they were greeted by a number of Akatark's associates. Akatark then instructed his allies to guide all but Krataka, Shaza, Moliki, Orriki and Scotho to another part of the fortress. Once gone, Akatark explained that he they were to aid Hydros in stopping Verahk, and had pinpointed their location to the baren island of Mata Nui.

Mata Nui

After teleporting to the surface of the lifeless island, Krataka and the others watched as Hydros and Verahk plummeted down from the outer regions of Aqua Magna's atmosphere and crashed down onto Mata Nui, forming a large crater in the process. After arriving at the crash site, Krataka and Shaza helped the battle-scarred Hydros out of the crater whilst Orriki went down to check on Verahk's status, only to be thrown out as Verahk rose once more and snatched Hydros up. Wishing to help their friend, Krataka and his allies tried to user their powers to wound Verahk, though the Makuta simply took the hits before using his own shadow powers to down them. After Verahk seemingly destroyed Hydros, he turned his attention back to Krataka and his friends and prepared to obliterate them after taunting them further. However, before he could do so, a still combat-ready Hydros severed the Makuta's arm with an intense beam of fire, and ordered the others to take cover whilst he drew Verahk's fire.

Eventually, Hydros was forced to take cover with Krataka, and together, the two began devising a plan to defeat Verahk by drawing on his exhaustion. After having Moliki run out to be a distraction, the group positioned themselves in strategic points around Verahk, and on Krataka's command, unleashed the full force of their powers against him. Their combined attack proved to be too much for the weakened Makuta, who found himself unable to maintain his form any longer, causing him to and succumb to the team's attack in an explosive blast that reverted him back to his original form.

As Krataka and the others rejoiced in their victory, they were attacked one last time by the exhausted Verahk, who used his powers to pull the Kanohi Vahi off Akatark's in an effort to defeat them. However, the power of Akatark's Vahi began to run wild as a result of being removed the Toa's face. In an effort to stop him from revitalizing himself, Krataka, Orriki and Scotho charged at Verahk, only to be caught and frozen in a time field produced by the Vahi. Eventually, the overload of the Vahi's power caused a massive feedback of chronal energy, which then flung them all backwards in time.


After Krataka and the others were freed of the Vahi's power, they found that they had been transported to back in time. With no way of returning, and with Verahk already gone, Krataka, Scotho, and Orriki began their lives anew.

While the majority of what happen during this time is unknown, it is known that at some point after arriving in the past, Krataka experienced an "accident" of some sort, resulting in him being fused with the power of the Vahi that had transported him. Unable to contain this power, Krataka was unable to conceal it from the perception of the Order of Mata Nui member known as Mersery who could sense shifts in time. After locating the Toa, the Mersion convinced him to let Mersery help him control his power. During this time, Krataka finally figured out he was in fact Akatark, and fate had sent him back in time for a reason. With this revelation, Krataka began to go by the name of "Akatark" whilst Scotho and Orriki became "Skydrax" and "Atukam".

Society of Guardians

Shortly after his revelation, Akatark began working with a number of other beings to found a new group, consisting of a small number of several individuals, using these allies to keep an eye on other parts of the universe whilst he focused on other matters. Over the years, the Society gradually expanded, with its ranks being filled up by unique warriors and scholars all devoted to the task of stopping Verahk. Though the Society succeeded in detaining a number of people they suspected of being associated with Verahk, all committed suicide before they could be interrogated.

Eventually, the Society learned of the existence of the world of Bara Magna, a desert planet that lay just beyond Aqua Magna. Using their advanced technology, Krataka had several of his members study the culture and history of the planet, as well as recruit a number of its inhabitants into their ranks to serve as their agents on the planet. After learning each other's dialects and histories, the members of both worlds were able to deduce many of the hidden connections between Bara Magna and the Matoran Universe. Krataka and his group would also gain a valuable ally when they recruited Ankum, a veteran warrior and the leader of the Endolise Tribe.

At an undisclosed point in the Society's history, Krataka led the Society against a powerful entity known as Carizon and his Skrall servant Greqnohk, both of whom proved to be two of the most dangerous being the Society had ever come to face. After defeating Carizon and locking him away, Krataka ensured that Greqnohk was locked away in the most secure chamber in the Fortress of Ages.

Krataka would also establish contact with Artakha, the legendary ruler of the land named after him. The ancient creator would supply the Society with any weaponry and tools it required in his operations. Once good relations were established, Krataka appointed Skydrax to be the Society's liaison with Artakha. During the Raid of Artakha, Artakha had half his essence split by the Spear of Fusion, the resulting being created by the staff being named Henarck.

Artakha quickly came to realize Henarck would be unable to meet his destiny spending his existence within the boundaries of the island. This led him to suggest Henarck being recruited into the Society. When Henarck accidentally followed Skydrax to the Fortress of Ages, Krataka and several of his associates attempted to convince him to join them, though it was only when Artakha arrived and persuaded him to do so did Henarck decide to join.

Among the things Akatark did during this time include creating a fortress within the Black Void dimension, helping Mersery report events that would be of the Order of Mata Nui's interests, creating the Exo-Frame, as well as watching over the lives of his younger self and those of the people Krataka would eventually meet in Karda Nui.

Shortly before the events that transpired in Karda Nui, Akatark and the other senior Society members began a big recruitment scheme so as to bolster their ranks for when the inevitable conflict with Verahk came. His agents scattered themselves all across the universe in order to find warriors and fighters suitable to join up with the Society.

More recently, he appeared to Makuta Vorakx, who had been imprisoned in the Pit and revealed the outlines of Makuta Teridax's true plans. After managing to persuade the Makuta into helping him on a mission to Karda Nui, Akatark took the Makuta back to his fortress and modified his armor, allowing Vorakx to operate on land. However, Vorakx attempted to betray Akatark after the Toa made the modifications, blasting Akatark with his eye beams. Akatark managed to recover and found the Makuta starring in disbelief at the void of interdimensional space that lay beyond his fortress. Using and energy field to capture the Makuta, Akatark convinced him once again to help.

He later left his fortress briefly and appeared on the island of Xia, to save Kevtho's life from a chunk of building thrown by the battling Tahtorak and Kanohi Dragon; as well as keep the Order member's energy field around a captive Roodaka active, ensuring the Vortixx didn't fall into Ohtvek's hands. He then told the dazed Saursapien to go and complete his mission before disappearing. Akatark then returned to his base to prepare Vorakx and himself for their mission to Karda Nui.

Return to Karda Nui

The two later disappeared, only to make another reappear in Karda Nui, ambushing Makuta Orriki's younger self and Frezako. During the struggle, Akatark delivered a crushing blow to Orriki, who was sent into the waters of the swamp. As he and Vorakx prepared to take down Frezako, however, a young Toa named Moliki accidentally stepped on and broke a twig, destracting the pair long enough for the Makuta to escape. After calling off an enraged Vorakx, Akatark treated Moliki's wounds and left to find his partner. Upon finding him accidentally cure a Shadow Matoran named Neka, Akatark realized the cure for light-drained beings. He then told Vorakx and Neka to follow and spy on Verahk's team before leaving to find Krataka's.

He later arrived at Hydros' base to introduced himself and lend his assistance in the battle against Verahk. Although they were suspicious of him at first, Akatark managed to convince them that he was there to help them. Shortly afterwords, Verahk's Rahski, led by Shados, arrived at the base and began fighting them. During the battle, Akatark defended a defeated Tahzak from Vorahk, and used his powers to age the Rakshi to dust. Seeing this, Shados and his remaining Rahkshi retreated back into the swamp. During their escape, the trio left behind Xakon, who managed to gravely injure Vanak before being defeated. Akatark managed to calm his younger self down when he transformed into his shadow form in anger once Vanak transformed into a Bohrok and disappeared. Akatark then introduced the group to the former Shadow Matoran Neka, who promised to bring the group to Verahk's base.

After arriving in the Swamp of Secrets, Verahk revealed the Zusorahk to the group, who then ordered it to attack them. Eventually, Akatark and Neka was drawn into a battle with Zogorak, which ended with Akatark being pinned down by the Necronite. When he threatened to kill Neka if he retaliated, Akatark submitted before Zogorak flew off with Akatark. Once away from the battlefield, Zogorak revealed he was a member of the Order of Mata Nui assigned to watch Verahk, and the two formed an alliance. Having already experienced the revelation of Zogorak's true allegiances and aware of what would happen next, Akatark and Zogorak planned out a scenario in which the Order operative would return to Verahk and claim he has killed Akatark presenting a false replica of his Vahi as proof of this. After forging a fake Vahi and making it seem as if Zogorak had been badly injured in a struggle with Verahk, Zogorak left the carry out the plan whilst Akatark remained out of the fight to ensure events played out as he had remembered them.

During this time, Akatark returned to the Fortress of Ages to meet up with Atukam, who had captured his younger self and imprisoned him in a special light-restoring chamber. The two then began questioning the younger Orriki on his motives behind siding with Teridax in an attempt to return him back to the light by making him realize his long-lasting guilt over his past actions. When Atukam's earlier self angrily refused so, Akatark and Orriki resorted to forcibly reversing the process that Orriki underwent to relinquish his inner light using the technology in his cell. Finally redeemed, Orriki agreed to help Hydros and his friends, and teleported with Akatark back to Karda Nui.

Eventually, Akatark returned to the fight when Verahk threatened to feed his younger self to his evolved Zusorahk. Using his powers to freeze the beast in time and space, Akatark watched from afar as Zogorak revealed who he was truly aligned with. Verahk then attempted to take Akatark out so as to free his creation, though Akatark used his time powers to avoid each of the Makuta's attacks, providing the distraction necessary to surround Verahk and defeat his servants. However, before he could be captured, Verahk unleashed a massive blast of darkness that sent everyone reeling, causing Akatark to lose his concentration and release the Zusorahk from its time lock.

After Orriki arrived and defeated the Zusorahk, another all-out battle broke out which ended with Verahk and Frezako being forced to flee and Akatark's younger self being left wounded in an effort to protect Shaza. The group then returned to Hydros' camp to rest and recover. There, Akatark watched as Neka healed Krataka's wounds and when his younger self awoke, he beckoned the others leave him and Shaza alone so they could share an intimate moment. He then went over to check up on the progress Vorakx and Orriki were having on restoring Hydros' light, who had been recovered during the earlier battle. They revealed that though they had prevailed in restoring the Toa's inner light, Hydros' mind was unable to regain control due to the invasive presence of another mind (which in actuality, was Hydros' dual personality Shados) forcing him into a dormant state.

Eventually, the group decided to go off and confront Verahk in his lair, though before they left, Akatark instructed Shaza to stay behind and watch over their wounded allies, which included Krataka. However, in the midst of the journey to their foe's hideout, Akatark received a distress summoning from Atukam back in the Fortress of Ages, forcing him to leave Karda Nui to attend to the problem. After teleporting into the fortress, the Toa of Time found a wounded Atukam on the ground, who informed him that an intruder had entered the fortress and gone to it's library. After materializing in the room, confronted the Lepidian bounty hunter Raduke, who revealed he had been employed to steal several artifacts from Akatark's home. Before he could stop the bounty hunter, Akatark was paralyzed and disabled by the power of the mercenary's Energy Cannon, allowing Raduke to escape. After the weapon's effects disappeared, Akatark consulted the fortress' computer system to see what items were stolen, only to learn from the computer that everything was accounted for and that nothing had been stolen. Confused by the bounty hunter's mission, Akatark began contemplating what Raduke had stolen.

Soon after, Akatark had Toa Hydros teleported to the Fortress of Ages, and upon his arrival, greeted him with Mersery, Atukam and Prozuke. After assuring him they were allies, Akatark informed him of the new levels of power Verahk had managed to gain and explained that Hydros would need to battle him on more even terms. Akatark then presented the Exo-Frame H10 a special variation of the Exo-Frame armor that Krataka had created specifically for Hydros' needs and requirements. After giving him a quick tutorial on how to master the suit's abilities, Akatark transported him back to Karda Nui to save the others from Verahk's power.

Whilst tampering with some machinery in one of his laboratories, Akatark was visited by Mersery, who informed him that Hydros and Verahk had disappeared from Karda Nui as Akatark knew they would, therefore confirming his suspicions that the time stream had not changed due to him being flung back in time or interacting with his younger self. After the two reluctantly agreed that the events that resulted in him being flung back in time must play out, Akatark left for Karda Nui again whilst Mersery remained in charge of the fortress and kept an eye on the new recruits they had plucked from Bara Magna.

Arriving in Hydros' base not long after Verahk and Hydros had left to fight, Akatark convinced Shaza and the others that they must get themselves clear of Karda Nui first before returning to aid Hydros due to the Energy Storms, and after receiving everyone's approval, Akatark teleported them all to the Fortress of Ages. After brief introductions were made between the group and a few of his Society operatives, Akatark had everyone save Krataka, Orriki, Scotho, Shaza and Moliki vacate the area. After the others had left, Akatark revealed they were going to assist Hydros in bringing down Verahk and that he had pinpointed their location to the island of Mata Nui.

Upon arriving on the barren island, the group witnessed Hydros and Verahk plummet down from Aqua Magna's atmosphere and crash into the surface of the island. After going over to investigate, Akatark witnessed events play out as they had for him all those centuries ago. After the group figured out Verahk's weakness and exploited it to defeat him by pounding him with all their power, Akatark did not defend himself as Verahk pulled the Vahi from his face and trap himself, Orriki, Scotho and his younger self in a temporal feedback that Akatark was unable to control, which flung them all back in time. As the remainder of Akatark's startled allies began to question him for answers, the Toa convinced them to patiently wait a little longer and he then teleported the group of the island before the body of Mata Nui rose and destroyed the island of Mata Nui.

Upon returning to his fortress, Atukam gave him a replacement Vahi to substitute for the one stolen by Verahk, instantly restoring his health. He then faced Hydros, Shaza and Moliki's questions, revealing to them that Krataka and the others had been flung backwards in time. When Hydros questioned how Akatark could possibly know all this, the Toa decided it was time to reveal his true identity. Reverting back into his twilight form, Akatark revealed to them that he was Krataka. After promising to give more answers and defying suspicions that he wasn't who he claimed to be, Krataka spent an hour reciting what had happened to him after he had been flung back in time, eventually convincing the three he was indeed Krataka. He also revealed the identities of Skydrax and Atukam, revealing they were actually Scotho and Orriki respectively.

Atukam then informed him that all the new Society recruits had been gathered in the central chamber, prompting Krataka to explain the nature of the Society and offered his friends the choice of joining with him or going their own ways. All of them accepted, much to Krataka's satisfaction, who then reverted back into his Akatark form and transported them all to the fortress' central chamber. There, Krataka and numerous other Society members offered all of Hydros' allies and several natives to the world of Bara Magna membership into the Society.

Alternate Reality

In an alternate timeline, Makuta Verahk's ultimate plot went horribly wrong, resulting in massive damage being done to Bara Magna, the Matoran Universe, and many more worlds. In this world, Akatark was injured in combat before seeking out one of the few surviors of the disaster: Mata Nui, whos spirit was still bound to the Kanohi Ignika.

Knowing there was no hope of saving what little was left in their dimension, Akatark gave Mata Nui his Kanohi Vahi and sent him to a random universe so some small part of their reality lived on. Then, with his last breath, Krataka unleashed all of his power, wiping his entire dimension into oblivion, sparing other universes of the potential damage the disaster could cause them.

Toa Empire Alternate Universe

In an alternate reality where Toa Tuyet took control of the Nui Stone and killed Toa Lhikan with Toa Nidhiki, Krataka was among the few Toa who did not agree to join the newly-formed Toa Empire. Wishing to oppose Tuyet's oppressive rule as empress, Krataka joined a small Toa resistance led by Hydros. After a time, Krataka became the resistance's second-in-command.

It is assumed that Krataka and the rest of the resistance partook in the grand final battle between the Empire and the remaining resistances fighting the Empire at the Coliseum in Metru Nui.

Abilities & Traits

A powerful warrior and brilliant strategist, Krataka is willing to face any challenge head-on. He had a fierce hatred of all members of the Brotherhood of Makuta, especially Orriki, who he considered a close friend, though their friendship seems to have healed after they were flung back in time by the Vahi.

After living so many years due to the incident with the Vahi, Krataka has grown to be a wise and patient sage of a Toa. He now sees the wisdom of studying a scenario before charging into battle and knows the dangers of allowing one's self to give in to their anger.

Krataka originally controlled the element of Plasma. After the Brotherhood's experiments, however, Krataka was given the ability to control both Light and Shadow. Due to the experiments, Krataka possesses the ability to transform into a shadow Toa. In this form, most of Krataka's light is replaced with shadow. This grants him greater power of over darkness; as well as give him greater strength. It also causes Krataka's personality to become far darker. The transformation from Krataka to Shadow Krataka is usually triggered by sever emotional distress (usually intense anger or rage), though Krataka has displayed the ability to trigger the transformation by sheer force of will.

Because of the strange energies of Karda Nui, Krataka's elemental shadow powers were replaced by light. As a result, Krataka gained the ability to create, control, and absorb light. He was able to shoot light bolts, alter his coloring, create solid light projections, and travel at near light speed. These new light powers, however, eventually faded after Krataka left Karda Nui.

Due to being somehow fused with the Vahi's power, Akatark now controls the elemental power of Time. Because of this, he possesses nearly unlimited power, with his only his only true limitation being his inability to alter history (though it is unclear whether or not Akatark even posseses the power of time travel). Due to an unusual bond to the Vahi, Akatark's energy is halved and can eventually be completely depleted should he be separated from the mask for too long.

In any case, Akatark's semi-limited power over time allows him to master a number of powerful abilities, all of which are listed below:

  • Can focus chronal energy into focused energy beams, though his control over this power is slightly imperfect.
  • Can control the speed at which time flows around him, allowing him to go faster or slower in time than everyone around him.
  • Capable of stopping the flow of time around himself and others.
  • Possesses the ability to age or de-age objects or living beings to a seemingly unrestricted degree. At its extreme, this power can easily reduce someone/something to dust.
  • Can sense shifts and fluctuations in the fabric of time.
  • Can shield the fluctuations of time he himself causes from the perception of other time-sensitive beings.
  • Being a Toa, Akatark could unleash a Time Nova Blast, though doing so could cause serious damage to the fabric of time.
  • Due to a side effect of being fused to the Vahi, Krataka's body now ages far more slowly than it used to.

Akatark has also displayed a number of non-time related abilities:

  • He seems to possess some form of telepathy, as he was able to read Kevtho's thoughts despite his mental shielding.
  • Can project energy fields around himself and others.
  • Teleportation.
  • He can alter his form between his twilight form and "Akatark" form whenever he needs to. However he tends to remain in his twilight form due to his other form's time-warping abilities, which he only uses it in dire situations.

Despite the great changes he has underwent, Krataka still possesses his light and shadow-based powers, though they are inaccessible while he is Akatark.

Mask & Tools

Krataka's original mask was the Kanohi Hau, the Great Mask of Shielding. He retained this Kanohi after he was flung back in time, and it can be placed in his Toa Suva whenever he desires to replace his mask. His Toa Tool was a spear that can focus his powers. It also gave Krataka the ability to fly as long as he is in physical contact with it. He also had a Cordak Blaster, though in addition, possessed a Midak Skyblaster and a sword as well. He gave these weapons to Moliki after he became a Toa. He now wields a spear or lance of some kind. He is also equipped with what appear to be wing blades.

After the occurrence with the Vahi, Krataka's mask of choice became a unique variant of the Kanohi Vahi, the Great Mask of Time, which is capable of slowing down or speeding up time around a target. Krataka possessed at least one other variation of this Vahi, which had belonged to an alternate version of himself, who had given the mask to Ignika Nui when he fled his native universe. Upon his inception into the Society, Ignika Nui gave the Vahi to Krataka. After Krataka's original Vahi was stolen by Verahk when he was flung back in time, he replaced his old Vahi with the one he had been given.

Krataka's Vahi is noted for being particularly unique in the fact that its power will run wild if it is removed from his face (even when he is not using it). If removed from his face, its untamed power can cause a chronal feedback that can violently transport those in close range backwards in time. Separation from this Vahi can have adverse affects on Krataka, due to their unusual bond with each other, and his energy can be halved and completely depleted given time. Whenever Krataka uses his Toa Suva to swap between different Kanohi, his Vahi will shrink and mold itself to become part of his armor.


During his first adventures in Karda Nui, Krataka rode a flying vehicle called the Skydrax K2. He received it from an Order of Mata Nui member named Kevtho, though it was later stolen by the Shadow Matoran Xakon.


"I wield tremendous power, yet I do not use it for my own ambitions. I use it to help defend others, to protect them from those stronger than themselves. Yet as I use my powers, I must never allow them to corrupt me, as it did the Barraki or Teridax. That is why I am better than them. By limiting my power, I have gained respect and trust from my allies and friends, which has gifted me with the strength to do things that no form of power could ever offer me."
"Your selfless heroism is the kind of role model I wish most, if not everyone, could be like. Bravery, joyful, caring, selfless, daring, noble, and humble... those are the qualities of a true hero... and I am honored to say that you had every one of those aspects."
―Krataka's thoughts on Selta, "Fear Mission"


  • Krataka is based off of a creation of the same name originally created by BZPower member Krataka15790.
  • Krataka was originally from the same island as Toa Lhikan. This explains why they wear similar Kanohi Hau.
  • Akatark is Krataka backwards.


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