"I was a sentient Vahki. ‘‘The’’ sentient Vahki, to be exact – the only one… The only law-bent machine to ever think, ponder, suggest, feel… And suddenly, I felt very, very alone."
―Krehkis, Keerakh-655: Sentience and the Law
SpeciesModified Vahki Keerakh
ColorsWhite, Gray
ToolsStaffs of Confusion
LocationMetru Nui

Krehkis, also known as Keerakh-655 is a special Vahki Keerakh designed by Nuparu to question the system of the Vahki, and protect against potential corruption.


After Tuyet's attempt to use the Nui Stone, Keerakh-655 began to question the blind loyalty of the Vahki. Not long after this, 655 and many other Keerakh subdued a small Matoran smuggling ring bent on freeing the animals within the Archives. 655 did not think these actions were criminal, however, and attempted to have a discussion about it with his fellow Vahki, Keerakh-632. 632, of course, gave simple robotic answers, prompting 655 to free himself from the bonds of the Vahki. And so, he modified his mechanical brain and removed his inability to break the law, as well as installing a vocal modifier which slowed his speech to normal Matoran speeds.

After recharging, he lied to Keerakh-459 and departed for Onu-Metru to meet his creator, Nuparu. Nuparu eventually recognized 655, and told him his name - Krehkis, which meant "defense within", implying that his purpose would be defending Metru Nui from the potential threat of Vahki, should it ever arise. Satisfied with this, Krehkis departed.

Abilities and Traits

Physically, Krehkis is a normal Vahki Keerakh. He carries Staffs of Confusion, which can take away the target's sense of time and place, and has the innate ability to beat a criminal to their destination.

After his initial modifications, Krehkis can speak normal Matoran, and is no longer kept from breaking the law.


"Well. Part of it was curiosity... Part of it was worry. Worry of what my creations had the potential of becoming. I toyed with the idea for quite some time. At first, I thought of creating one of you in each squadron. Unfortunately, the Vahki were not, on the whole, a success… The Nuurakh were always too angry… Bordakh and Zadakh simply saw law apprehension as play… Rorzakh were self-destructive… Vorzakh were destructive of everything else. But Keerakh, my friend… the Keerakh came out perfectly.”"
―Nuparu, Keerakh-655: Sentience and the Law


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