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Element Air
Kanohi Miru
Tools Unknown
Bionicle20 087
Element Air
Kanohi Great Miru
Tools Cyclone Blade, Shield
Status Revived
Location Red Star
Pronunciation KREXP

Krexp was a veteran Toa of Air and the original leader of Makuta Orriki's Toa Hagah team.


Early Life

Not much of Krexp's life before becoming a Toa Hagah is known. He was originally the sole guardian of an island far to the south before it was destroyed by a volcano. He wondered from place to place until he was employed by the Brotherhood of Makuta.

Toa Hagah

The Brotherhood assigned him as the leader of a group of six Toa who's job it was to act as Makuta Orriki's bodyguards. Sometime later, Krexp assigned a young Toa of Plasma named Krataka as his second-in-command.

After many years of protecting Orriki and the island he was assigned to, one of the team members, Vreck, committed a horrible crime of some sort, Krexp banished the Toa of Iron from the island the team guarded. Shortly after this, Krexp decided it was time he stepped down as leader, allowing Krataka to take the lead.


Many years later, the team was betrayed by Orriki. The Makuta killed Krexp and three of the others before taking Krataka as the Brotherhood's prisoner.

Krexp was sent to the Red Star to be revived, as with all deaceased beings, but remains trapped due to the return function of the star not working.

Abilities & Traits

A veteran warrior and an experienced Toa, Krexp was known to many lands a brave hero. He always knew when to strike and when to hang back and observe a situation. Prior to his death, he was Krataka's mentor and one of his closest friends.

As a Toa of Air, Krexp was capable of creating, controlling, and absorbing air.

Mask & Tools

Krexp wore the Kanohi Miru, the Great Mask of Levitation, which allowed him to hover above the ground. His tools were a Cyclone Blade and a Razor Shield.

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